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17th Annual Top Lenders Survey:

Part 1 -17th Annual Top Lenders Survey
Part 2 -Top 40 Direct Lenders
Part 3 -Top 40 Financial Intermediaries

The following rankings are based on responses to NREI's 17th annual Top Lenders Survey and reflect total dollars financed or arranged in commercial real estate during the 2007 calendar year.

Rankings are presented in three parts. The first listing includes firms financing direct loans, credit lines, CMBS lending and other forms of direct investments to the industry.

The second listing ranks financial intermediaries, including mortgage brokers and financial firms that arranged or facilitated transactions during 2007. In instances where companies utilized their own balance sheet to close loans, or a line of credit to warehouse loans prior to securitization or sale in the secondary market, that volume was not considered production on an intermediary basis. For example, conduit lending and agency lending constituted direct lending for the purposes of this survey.

The third listing includes government-sponsored enterprises Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

While NREI makes every attempt to ensure the final survey is comprehensive, some firms chose not to participate.

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