2000 E-commerce Software Directory

Achieve Healthcare Information Systems 7690 Golden Triangle Drive Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Phone: (612) 995-9800

Fax: (612) 995-9735

Website: www.achievehealthcare.com

Larry Garatoni, CEO [email protected] care.com

Chris Hawver, CMO, [email protected] care.com

Products: Achieve Pathlinks R - Ancillary Link [superscript]TM

Online Offerings: Application hosting of all integrated clinical and financial applications within Pathlinks. Ancillary Link bridges the long-term care facility and any ancillary service provider via an Internet exchange of physician orders.

American Computer Software, LLC 2829 Royal Avenue Madison, WI 53713

Phone: (800) 527-9449

Fax: (608) 221-9422

Website: www.acsoftware.com

Heather Gullickson, EVP Sales [email protected]

Nicole Levin, Sales Mgr. [email protected]

Products: Property Management and Maintenance Software

Online Offerings: Windows and Internet-based solutions since 1968

Ameriquotes.com 2801 S. Youngfield, Ste. 360 Golden, CO 80401

Phone: (303) 205-1930

Fax: (303) 205-7932

Website: www.ameriquotes.com

Martin Gibeau, Pres. [email protected]

Products: 1031 Exchanges - Brokerage - Appraisal - P&C Insurance - Alta Surveys - Title/Escrow - Environmental

Online Offerings: The only online source for competitive bundled transaction services

Apartments.com 175 W. Jackson, 8th Fl. Chicago, IL 60604

Phone: (312) 601-5613

Fax: (312) 601-6443

Website: www.apartments.com

Maria Bronzovich, Mktg. Mgr. [email protected]

Products: Online Advertising Resource - Online Guide

Online Offerings: Advertising packages, custom web designs, Reaching Renters, Delivering Leads

ASI International 1990 N. California Blvd., Ste. 530 Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Phone: (925) 906-4644

Fax: (925) 906-4654

Website: www.asinotes.com

E-mail: [email protected]

Products: Strategic Lease Processing (SLP), Corpsuite Plus; Connect

Online Offerings: Corpsuite Connect - Web-based Corporate Real Estate Management

The Asking Price 161 West 22nd Street, 2nd Fl. New York, NY 10011

Phone: (888) 366-7077

Fax: (212) 367-7534

Website: www.theaskingprice.com

Richard Tola, Chmn., [email protected]

Products: Property listings, auctions, broadcasts

Online Offerings: Marketplace for commercial real estate investors to interact directly, principal-to-principal, commission free

Assets2Auction PO Box 12794 Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Phone: (919) 765-5000

Fax: (919) 765-5020

Website: www.assets2auction.com

Auction Specialist, [email protected]

Products: Auction site

Online Offerings: Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Trucks, Heavy Equipment, Boats, other Specialized Assets

AVM Technologies 26074 Avenue Hall, Ste. 15 Valencia, CA 91355

Phone: (800) 884-9399

Fax: (661) 295-0692

Website: www.avmtech.com

Steven Sturgeon, General Mgr. [email protected]

Products: Realwise Millennium

Online Offerings: Property Management, Partnership Accounting, Tenant and Property Data, Job Cost Accounting

Buyers Access 3410 S. Galena Street, Ste. 200 Denver, CO 80231

Phone: (800) 445-9169

Fax: (303) 614-9020

Website: buyersaccess.com

Patricia Garcia, Dir., Mktg. [email protected]

David O'Leary, EVP Sales [email protected]

Products: Easy-to-use buying organization for the apartment industry

Online Offerings: More than 200,000 products through more than 50 nationally recognized suppliers - site built specifically for the multifamily industry

Capital Engine.com 1370 Avenue of Americas, 33rd Fl. New York, NY 10019

Phone: (212) 246-2700

Fax: (212) 397-3554

Website: www.capitalengine.com

Peter Gruber, Mgr. Dir. Debt [email protected]

Paul Saint-Pierre, Sr. Mgr. Dir. Equity [email protected]

Products: Capital advisory services for equity and debt

Online Offerings: Online distribution systems for debt and equity raises

Capital Thinking 52 Vanderbilt Avenue New York, NY 10017

Phone: (877) 692-4009

Fax: (212) 972-1666

Website: www.capitalthinking.com

Heather Shively, CEO

Dan Woods, VP

Cargan City LLC 180 N. LaSalle Street, Ste. 2930 Chicago, IL 60601

Phone: (312) 251-9300

Fax: (312) 251-9301

Website: www.mortgageselector.com

Fred Fellows, CEO

Patty Unti, COO

Products: Mortgage Selector.com

Online Offerings: Mortgage Selector.com is an online commercial mortgage quoting system built exclusively for brokers and bankers

Cephren, Inc. 1072 E. Meadow Circle Palo Alto, CA 94303

Phone: (650) 845-2000

Fax: (650) 845-2014

Website: www.cephren.com

Jorge Henriquez, VP Sales, Collaboration [email protected]

Ali Mohamedi, VP Sales, Commerce [email protected]

Products: Cephren ProjectNet, Cephren MarketNet, Cephren PrintNet

Online Offerings: Cephren R is helping the global construction community to change the way it builds the world with our E-commerce and collaboration framework of online services: Cephren ProjectNetR, Cephren PrintNet & Cephren MarketNet[superscript]TM

CityRealty.com 725 Fifth Avenue, 17th Fl. New York, NY 10022

Phone: (212) 755-5544

Fax: (212) 755-5545

Website: cityrealty.com

Phil S. Beer, VP [email protected]

Online Offerings: Apartment sales information; apartment rental information; residential building data; New York City information

CityWire.com 725 Fifth Avenue, 17th Fl. New York, NY 10022

Phone: (212) 755-5544

Fax: (212) 755-5545

Website: citywire.com

Phil S. Beer, VP [email protected]

Online Offerings: Tenant products and services

Claritas Inc. 5375 Mira Sorrento Place, Ste. 400 San Diego, CA 92121

Phone: (800) 866-6520

Fax: (858) 550-5800

Website: www.claritas.com

Robert Nascenzi, Pres./CEO

Tom Compogrannis, EVP/CEO

Products: iMark, MicroVision, Prizm

Online Offerings: www.sitereports.com; www.mybestprospects.com; www.connect.claritas.com

Colonial Systems Inc. 670 Exton Commons Exton, PA 19341

Phone: (800) 515-0210

Fax: (610) 363-0727

Website: www.colsys.com

Daniel Lehman, Dir. Sales/Mktg. [email protected]

Products: Colonial Property Management & Colonial Construction Management

COMRO.com 10 S. Riverside Plaza, Ste. 1715 Chicago, IL 60606

Phone: (312) 496-8000

Fax: (312) 496-8100

Website: www.comro.com

Kevin Travers, Pres. [email protected]

Products: Online marketing for commercial real estate

Online Offerings: Detailed property reports, industry news, web directory, space calculator, lease calculator

CoStar Group Inc. 2 Bethesda Metro Center, 10th Fl. Bethesda, MD 20814

Phone: (800) 204-5960

Fax: (800) 613-1310

Website: www.costargroup.com

Pamela Silberman [email protected]

Products: CoStar Exchange, CoStar Property, CoStar Tenant, CoStar ARES, Analytic CoStar COMPS, CoStar Marketplace, CoStar Capital

DataQuick 9620 Towne Centre Drive San Diego, CA 92121

Phone: (888) 604-DATA

Fax: (858) 455-7406

Website: www.dataquick.com

Products: National Real Property Data

Online Offerings: Real property information for asset valuation, verification and marketing. Includes ownership, sale price and physical characteristics

Deloitte & Touche Real Estate Services 180 N. Stetson Avenue Chicago, IL 60601

Phone: (888) 367-1412

Fax: (312) 946-2600

Website: www.us.deloitte.com

Service Offerings: eBusiness strategy; systems selection/implementation; security and privacy; tax and regulatory compliance

ebuyxpress.com 45600 Terminal Drive, Ste. 200 Dulles, VA 20166

Phone: (877) 991-3289

Fax: (703) 481-8940

Chad MacDonald, CEO [email protected]

Kenny Cossaboom, Pres. [email protected]

Online Offerings: Internet-based procurement solutions giving you access to thousands of products and services essential to the operation of your business

J. D. Edwards One Technology Way Denver, CO 80237

Phone: (303) 334-4000

Fax: (303) 334-2594

Website: www.jdedwards.com

C. Edward McVaney, CEO

David Girard, COO

Products: E-Business solutions for the Real Estate Industry

Equity City.com 518 17th Street, 17th Fl. Denver, CO 80202

Phone: (303) 837-1988

Fax: (303) 869-4602

Mark Quam, Pres.

Dave Martin, VP

Execudata Inc. 6850 Canby Avenue, Ste. 108 Reseda, CA 91335

Phone: (818) 343-1300

Fax: (818) 343-8456

Website: www.execudata.com

Hester Mastro, Sales

Products: Software for the Real Estate Industry

Eziaz 550 W. Van Buren, 10th Fl. Chicago, IL 60607

Phone: (312) 377-7623

Fax: (312) 377-8170

Website: www.eziaz.com

Trista Bleers, Mgr. Mktg./Adv. [email protected]

FacilityPro.com 5000 Old Towne Parkway Marietta, GA 30068

Phone: (678) 581-6200

Fax: (678) 581-6200

Website: www.facilitypro.com

Jerry Goldstein, VP-Mktg. [email protected]

Peter Dunning, CEO/Pres. [email protected]

Products: Online procurement

Online Offerings: Lighting; janitorial; HVAC; plumbing; tools, construction, hardware materials; electrical; office supplies products

First Realty Advisors, Inc. 1901 W. 47th Place, Suite 300 Westwood, KS 66205

Phone: (913) 236-4750

Fax: (913) 236-4307

Website: www.realworks.com

John K. Wood III, Pres. [email protected]

Products: RealWorks Information System & RealWorks Valuation System

GEAC Property Management Solutions 13831 NW Freeway, Ste. 550 Houston, TX 77040

Phone: (713) 690-2674

Fax: (713) 690-0330

Michael Mullins, General Mgr.

Michelle Osborne, Mktg. Mgr.

Invata International, Inc. 145 N. Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road Blacklick, OH 43004

Phone: (614) 866-9000

Fax: (614) 434-2011

Website: www.invata.com

Scott Briley, VP-Sales/Mktg. [email protected]

Barbara Huiner, Mktg. Coord. [email protected]

Products: SamTrak for Property Operations, SamTrak for Retail, ST~Global Connect[superscript]TM

Online Offerings: WorkOrders Online.com

I-Scraper.com 230 Park Avenue, Ste. 1000 New York, NY 10169

Phone: (212) 808-3016

Fax: (212) 808-3020

Website: www.i-scraper.com

Philip Wharton, Pres. [email protected]

Gilad Galili, VP [email protected]

Products: Web-based Project Collaboration

Online Offerings: ASP for owners and developers to improve coordination and communication among project team members, contractors, architects, consultants

Landware Systems Corp. 2906 W. Broadway, Ste. 237 Vancouver, BC Canada V6K 2G8

Phone: (604) 687-4465

Fax: (604) 687-4425

Website: www.colorcoder.com

David Atwater, Pres. [email protected]

Products: Colorcoder real estate graphics, floor & stacking plans, brochures & user guides in PDF format

Lookingforspace.com 52 Vanderbilt Avenue New York, NY 10017

Phone: (212) 986-9100

Fax: (212) 986-9875

Neal Lerner, Pres. [email protected]

Product: Internet office listing service

Online Offerings: Free online office space listings, NY, NJ, CT, contact info, space information, floorplans

LoopNet Inc. 2650 18th Street, 1st Fl. San Francisco, CA 94110

Phone: (415) 216-1600

Fax: (415) 216-1601

Website: www.loopnet.com

John Gough [email protected]

Products: LoopNet is the Internet's leading commercial real estate marketplace, representing more than 100,000 commercial real estate professionals and 90% of the top commercial real estate organizations.

Online Offerings: LoopNet's services include the Internet's largest commercial real estate listing service, the LoopNet Listing Service; LoopLeads, a buyer/seller matching service; MarketNow, an online marketing and targeted delivery service; LoopLender, an online financing service offering direct access to the industry's leading lenders; and a range of customized services for partnering organizations.

Management Reports International 3945 Mercantile Road Cleveland, OH 44122

Phone: (800) 321-8770

Fax: (216) 464-5488

Website: www.mrisystem.com

Robert Lasser, CEO [email protected]

Ronald McComas, VP, Mktg [email protected]

Products: MRI for Windows [superscript]TM, Netsource(tm), MRIConnect(tm).com

Online Offerings: Tenant Relationship Management System, Application Hosting Services, Investor Relationship System

NAI Direct, Inc. P.O. Box 960, 572 US Route 120 Hightstown, NJ 08520

Phone: (609) 448-4700

Fax: (609) 448-8126

Website: www.naidirect.com

Jeffrey M. Finn, Pres./CEO [email protected]

Gerald Finn, Chmn./CEO

Products: Project Acquisitions & Disposition, Transaction Managment, Portfolio Management, Market Research & Trends, Property Finance, Auctions, Due Diligence Resources, Industry News, Private Workspace

Online Offerings: NAI Direct.com is a fully integrated online commercial real estate transaction management and service delivery system.

National Facilities Group, Inc. One N. LaSalle Street, Ste. 1800 Chicago, IL 60602

Phone: (312) 223-9700

Fax: (312) 223-9515

Website: www.nfgslim.com

Timothy Henry, Dir. Sales/Mktg.

Products: SLIM/Windows SLIM 32

Online Offerings: Real Estate Database Hosting and Management Services

PikeNet P.O. Box 1177 Ross, CA 94957

Phone: (415) 485-6700

Fax: (415) 485-1710

Website: www.pikenet.com

Peter Pike, Pres. [email protected]

Products: Directory of Commercial Real Estate, PikeNet Dispatch

PropertyAuction.com 18 W. 21st Street, 9th Fl. New York, NY 10010

Phone: (212) 255-4433

Fax: (212) 255-5824

Website: www.propertyauction.com

Ophir Sternberg, CEO Oren Klein, COO

Products: Investment Property On-Line Auction

ProCalc Inc. 31 Applegreen Drive Old Westbury, NY 11568

Phone: (516) 484-8080

Fax: (516) 484-8086

Website: www.procalc.com

Bruce Bushell, VP [email protected]

Products: Lease analysis software

Online Offerings: Free Demo Disk

Property Automation Software 1100 Centennial Blvd., Ste. 230 Richardson, TX 75081

Phone: (800) 964-2792

Fax: (972) 231-6290

Website: www.tenantpro.com

Jacob Garza, Pres./CEO [email protected]

Products: Tenant PRO 6.0

Online Offerings: Applicant screening, e-reporting, User-to-User Forum

PropertyFirst.com 1000 S. Freemont Avenue Ste. 11000 Alhambra, CA 91803

Phone: (626) 537-3400

Fax: (626) 943-1239

Website: www.propertyfirst.com

B. Kipling Hagopian, Chmn.

John Stanfill, CEO

Real Estate Online 19 E. 82nd Street New York, NY 10028

Phone: (212) 628-9300

Fax: (212) 628-9309

Website: www.reol.net

Phil S. Beer, VP [email protected]

Online Offerings: Web Services

RealCentric 1111 Mary Crest Road, Ste. H Henderson, NV 89014

Phone: (702) 732-2900

Fax: (702) 732-0907

Website: www.realcentric.com

Pam Stuart, Mktg. Comm. [email protected]

Products: Website

Online Offerings: Allows locating, leasing and outfitting of commercial office space - quickly

Realogic Software, Inc. 300 W. Washington St., Ste. 1414 Chicago, IL 60606

Phone: (312) 782-7325

Fax: (312) 782-5194

Website: www.ellipsissoftware.com

Dale Vanderlaan, Pres. [email protected]

Salvatore Caldarone, CEO [email protected]

Products: Ellipsis(tm) 3.0

Online Offerings: Software solution for the management and administration of lease data and the abstracting of leases associated with due diligence

RealPage Inc. 4000 International Parkway Carrollton, TX 75007

Phone: 87-REALPAGE

Fax: (972) 820-3383

Website: www.realpage.com

Jim Melson, CEO/Pres. [email protected]

Products: Rent Roll 2000, Hud Manager 2000, Applicant Screening

Online Offerings: Web Services, OneSite

Real Pro-Jections Inc. 2945 Harding St., Ste. 211 Carlsbad, CA 92008

Phone: (800) 774-5077

Fax: (760) 434-7537

Website: www.winstack.com & www.tract-pie.com

Ted Stearns, Pres. [email protected]

Products: Winstack, TopDown, Tract-Pie, Land-Pie

Online Offerings: Demos for above systems

REALM 245 Park Avenue, 39th Fl. New York, NY 10167

Phone: (212) 972-3100

Fax: (212) 687-1002

Website: www.therealm.com

Christopher Congolas, CMO [email protected]

Products: Online software applications

Online Offerings: Web-enabled industry enterprise applications, vertical specific e-commerce services and industry content all in one piece

ARGUS in the REALM 24 Greenway Plaza, Suite 1650 Houston, TX 77046

Phone: (713) 621-4343

Fax: (713) 621-2787

Website: www.therealm.com

Christopher Gongolas, CMO [email protected]

Products: Lease By Lease, DYNA, rBUDGET, ARGUS International, ARGUS Report Writer, ARGUS Development and Unit Sales

CTI in the REALM 13727 Noel Road Dallas, TX 75240

Phone: (469) 791-1000

Fax: (469) 791-1810

Website: www.therealm.com

Christopher Gongolas, CMO [email protected]

Products: Single Step Leasing entry, The CTI Real Estate System, Horizon Global Marketing, Time and Service Billing

NEWSTAR in the REALM 185 Renfrew Drive Markham, Ontario CANADA L3R 6G3

Phone: (905) 475-2209

Fax: (905) 475-7204

Website: www.therealm.com

Christopher Gongolas, CMO [email protected]

Products: rBUILDER, Data Q, Condominium Management System, Job and Project Cosing, Building Blocks

RealtyIQ.com 425 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10017

Phone: (212) 457-8000

Fax: (800) 657-4300

Website: www.realtyiq.com

Bruce Weissberg, CEO

Michael Sapers, Pres.

REApplications Inc. (Division of The Jamesan Group) 4640 Santa Fe St. San Diego, CA 92109

Phone: (858) 483-0806

Fax: (619) 839-3630

Website: www.reapplications.com

Rob Cain, VP [email protected]

Greg Ausley, CTO [email protected]

Products: REApplications Intranet/Extranet Suite, including REProjects, REContracts & REProperties

Online Offerings: All REApplications can be hosted in an ASP environment or installed locally.

REManage.com 1277 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94103

Phone: (415) 558-7788

Fax: (415) 558-7787

Website: www.remanage.com

Brian Holtz, Sales Dir. [email protected]

John Jackson, Pres. [email protected]

Online Offerings: REManage.com provides Internet-based products and services designed to automate all facets of property management from the small independent PM to the large commercial REIT.

Redbricks.com 3 Bethesda Metro Center, Ste. 100 Bethesda, MD 20814

Phone: (301) 951-5351

Fax: (301) 654-8996

Website: www.redbricks.com

Lisa Kolker Max, CEO

Lori Larson, COO

Products: Loan Connection

Online Offerings: All financing programs for commercial, multi-family and manufactured housing communities

Reis Inc. 5 W. 37th St., 12th Fl. New York, NY 10018

Phone: (212) 921-1122

Fax: (212) 921-2533

Website: www.reis.com

Randy Fuchs, SVP

Rentals.com 3000 Bridge Parkway, Ste. 103 Redwood City, CA 94065

Phone: (650) 622-2656

Fax: (650) 622-2601

Website: www.rentals.com

Michael Wehner, Dir./Bus. Dev. [email protected]

Products: Custom website to brand your properties online

Online Offerings: Advertise, manage, track your rental properties online

Resolve Technology Inc. 129 South Street Boston, MA 02111

Phone: (617) 338-0456

Fax: (617) 338-0420

Website: www.resolvetech.com

Eric Forman, Pres. [email protected]

Phil Loftin, SVP [email protected]

Products: Custom applications & reports, DYNA & Argus consulting & training

RoboDocs.com 610 Newport Center Dr., Ste. 220 Newport Beach, CA 92660

Phone: (949) 640-9081

Fax: (949) 640-9083

Website: www.robodocs.com

Gary Highland, Pres. [email protected]

Jennifer Sparks, Dir. [email protected]

Products: Online document preparation for commercial, multifamily and construction loans

SiteStuff.com 11044 Research Blvd., Bldg. D, 550 Austin, TX 78750

Phone: (512) 241-7400

Fax: (512) 241-7499

Website: www.sitestuff.com

Michael Stewart, CEO

Tom Shuler, Dir. MF

Smart Capital Gains.com 10999 Reed Hartman Hwy., Ste. 234 Cincinnati, OH 45242

Phone: (513) 985-3300

Fax: (513) 985-3303

Website: www.smartcapitalgains.com

Gary Sheldt, VP; Jim Johnson, Pres. [email protected]

Products: Charitable Gift Annuities

Online Offerings: Tax efficient alternatives to 1031 Exchanges and triple net lease properties

SS&C Technologies Inc. 80 Lamberton Road Windsor, CT 06095

Phone: (800) 234-0556

Fax: (860) 298-4900

Website: www.ssctech.com

William Stone, Chmn.

Anthony Guarascio, SVP

Online Offerings: SKYLINE II[superscript]TM for WindowsR - the real estate industry's leading property management, accounting and lease administration system PRO-JECT[superscript]TM for WindowsR - the most efficient, flexible and detailed lease-by-lease real estate investment analysis tool available

Spectra Computer Services Ltd 125 S. Wacker Drive, Ste. 300 Chicago, IL 60606

Phone: (800) 731-8668

Fax: (312) 453-0668

Website: www.spectraEsolutions.com

Del Dunford, Pres. [email protected]

Clayton Crackien, Sales Mktg. Mgr. [email protected]

Products: Spectra for Windows (Property Management & Accounting Software)

Online Offerings: SPECTRA for Windows(r) Property Management & Leasing Software delivers a flexible, easy to use, complete and powerful property management database, with or without integrated accounting

Stewart Information Service Corporation 1980 Post Oak Blvd. Houston, TX 77056

Phone: (800) 729-1900

Fax: (713) 552-9523

Website: www.stewart.com

Malcolm S. Morris, Chrmn./Co-CEO

Stewart Morris Jr., Pres./Co-CEO

Struxicon 17748 Skypark Circle, Ste. 150 Irvine, CA 92614

Phone: (949) 838-0123

Fax: (949) 838-0116

Website: www.struxicon.com

Vik Bangia, Dir. Bus. Dev [email protected]

Products: Global web platform for the construction and real estate industries

Online Offerings: Integrated web platform unifying contract bidding, materials and equipment exchange and project management

Timberline Software Corp. 15195 NW Greenbier Parkway Beaverton, OR 97006

Phone: (800) 628-6583

Fax: (503) 439-5010

Website: www.timberline.com

Curtis Peltz, CEO

Carl Asai, CFO

Viscomm 35 Leveroni Court Novato, CA 94949

Phone: (415) 884-5678

Fax: (415) 884-4545

Website: www.relms.net

Mehdi Khalvati, VP [email protected]

Products: RELMS (Real Estate Lifestyle Management System)

Online Offerings: Property & Project Management, Lease Administration, Facilities Maintenance

Westmark Harris Advisors Inc. 1610 Broadway, Ste. 1000 Santa Monica, CA 90404

Phone: (310) 526-0300

Fax: (310) 526-0301

Website: www.westmarkharris.com

Mark Friedman, CEO/Founder

David Nelson, Pres.

Product: Real Estate Portfolio Management Software System

Online Offerings: Strategen, Business Objects, WebIntelligence, Lease Administration, Transaction Management, Capital Projects

Yardi Systems Inc. 819 Reddick Avenue Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Phone: (800) 966-1144

Fax: (805) 963-3155

Website: www.yardi.com

Terri Dowen, VP Sales

Karen Edgar, VP Mktg.

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