Seniors Housing Construction Report, 2004

The 8th edition of ASHA and NIC's survey of market-rate seniors housing construction, the current report analyzes trends in construction and provides detailed appendices listing state-by-state rankings as well as a listing of every construction project included in the survey. The report summarizes construction trends from 1997-2004 for independent living communities, senior apartments, assisted living residences and CCRCs. Non-Members: $75.00 Members $50.00

The Impact of Interest Rates on Seniors Housing Capitalization Rates

Prepared for ASHA by Alan C. Plush, MAI, and Colleen Blumenthal, MAI, of Sarasota, Fla.-based HealthTrust LLC, this 22-page report reviews cap rate theory, influences on cap rates, the history of seniors housing cap rates and the apparent disconnect between interest rates and seniors housing cap rates. The analysis presented in the report includes a thorough review of traditional (i.e. cash for asset sales) transactions of seniors housing communities, including independent living communities, assisted living residences and properties that combine independent and assisted living.Non-Members: $100.00 Members $75.00

Seniors Housing Statistical Handbook, Edition IV

This newly revised handbook presents data and statistics of importance to the seniors housing industry including: aging demographics, industry benchmarks and seniors housing resident demographics from a host of authoritative sources. The new handbook includes more than 100 exhibits and is a must-have desk reference for industry professionals.Non-Members: $125.00 Members $100.00

Fair Housing Compliance, A Guide for Seniors Housing

This newly revised 20-page Guide addresses the many challenging issues associated with seniors housing management from the perspective of the Fair Housing Act and Americans with Disabilities Act. Issues discussed include: advertising, admission and retention policies, and access issues. The new edition of the Guide was prepared by Paul Gordon, and should be required reading for all professionals because of the evolving nature of fair housing and anti-discrimination case law and regulation.Non-Members: $35.00 Members $10.00

Seniors Housing State Regulatory Handbook, 2004

Released in March 2004, this 39-page book features grid-like matrices of key state licensure and regulatory requirements in all 50 states (and the District of Columbia) for assisted living residences and CCRCs. State-by-state comparisons are made easy in this user-friendly report, believed to be the most current and comprehensive publication of its kind. State agency contact information for assisted living and CCRCs is also provided in this publication.Non-Members: $75.00 Members $60.00

The Benefits of Independent Living Communities: A Comparative Analysis of Residents and Non-Residents

This study, conducted for ASHA by ProMatura Group LLC, is the first to quantify the benefits of moving to a senior living community and compares residents in independent living communities (including CCRCs) to a matched sample of non-residents. It includes many practical insights from non-residents that have implications for any firm developing or operating housing for seniors. This 65-page report includes more than 70 tables and charts and covers resident and non-resident demographic characteristics; financial assistance given and received; physical, mental and emotional health; health care services used; physical abilities; activities of daily living; social and recreational pursuits; quality-of-life issues; property attributes; long-term care insurance; and legal and financial matters.Non-Members: $165.00 Members $125.00

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