About this supplement

The information in this special report has been provided by NAHB Multifamily, an integral part of the National Association of Home Builders that represents the specific interests of builders, developers, property owners and managers of condos and rental apartments. Our mission is to be the most powerful advocate for apartment and condo developers and the premier source of information and education for the multifamily housing industry.

Contributors to this report include Bernard Markstein, Ph.D., of NAHB's Economics Group; Paul Emrath, Ph.D., and Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D., from NAHB's Housing Policy Group, and Laura Ochipinti Zaner and Ann Marie Moriarty of NAHB Multifamily. Sharon Dworkin Bell is NAHB's senior staff vice president for Multifamily. Leonard Wood, of Wood Partners LLC, serves as the chair of NAHB's Multifamily Leadership Board and G. Granger MacDonald, the MacDonald Cos., serves as chairman of the NAHB Multifamily Board of Trustees.

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