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Alias or The OC?

When asked which celebrity will most inspire their prom look this year, guys ranked Usher (27 percent) as the top pick. Ashton Kutcher (14 percent) and Snoop Dogg (14 percent) were also popular. Jennifer Garner (15 percent), Halle Berry (14 percent) and Jennifer Lopez (12 percent) were hot picks for female prom-goers.

Female Celebrity Style-Setter Female Teen Responses Male Celebrity Style-Setter Male Teen Responses
Jennifer Garner 15.2% Usher 26.8%
Halle Berry 14.3 Ashton Kutcher 13.7
Jennifer Lopez 11.7 Snoop Dogg 13.7
Jessica Simpson 9.9 Johnny Depp 9.8
Paris Hilton 8.1 Jim Carrey 7.8
Alicia Keys 8.1 The Rock 3.9
Sarah Jessica Parker 6.3 Orlando Bloom 3.3
Ashley Simpson 5.8 Jude Law 2.0
Mischa Barton 4.9 Tony Hawk 0.7
No Opinion 15.7 No Opinion 18.3
Source: Macerich Co.
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