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Borders' New Concept

After 18 months of development, Borders Group Inc. unveiled its new concept store in late February in Ann Arbor, Mich. The 28,900-square-foot location — the first of 14 the company expects to open this year — features updated architecture, a new interior, a digital center and newly reorganized categories. The digital center is the most radical addition. The center is marked by a three-dimensional, 15-foot illuminated fixture and sign package. Within the center are kiosks and stations that feature services like music and book downloading. Customers can also do genealogy research through a partnership with, publish their own books, print photos and make custom photo books. Customers can also make custom mix CDs. Some of the most popular book categories have been reorganized as “stores within the store,” including the Travel, Cooking, Wellness, Graphic Novel and Children's sections.

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