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Innovations In Wallcoverings Inc. Printed vinyl wallcoverings from New York-based Innovations In Wallcoverings Inc. are 54" wide. Made from a type II vinyl, they are available in eight metallic colors.

Martin Professional Inc. The ImageScan promotional/display tool from Hollywood, Fla.-based Martin Professional Inc. animates company names, logos, products and services. A 35 mm slide, large-format transparency, overhead film, glass or metal gobo is placed on the lighting projector, which pans and tilts to place the image at a specific angle.

Interfinish The Planar(R) linear ceiling system from Chicago-based Interfinish(R) is available in various lengths and thicknesses. Steel and aluminum panels are available, and lighting fixtures, air handling components and access doors are optional.

Polymer Plastics Corp. Vitriturf flooring surfacing material from Hauppauge, N.Y.-based Polymer Plastics Corp. is made from polyurethane adhesive and rubber granules. It is cushioned and seamless, and it is available in a variety of colors.

Marshall Electronics Inc. The V-1212 black and white security camera from Culver City, Calif.-based Marshall Electronics Inc. has a 1/3" CCD image array and a 3.6 mm standard, fixed-focus lens. It has 380 TV lines of resolution operating on 9.0 Vdc to 14.5 Vdc, and an electronic auto-iris in the circuit board. It is housed in a 2.5" long black steel container measuring 0.8" O.D.

Wizz-It-Ware(TM) Inc. Digital Dioramas(TM) from Miami-based Wizz-It-Ware Inc. uses flat, plasma screens measuring 42" x 6" to display advertising messages in 160 degree cinemavision. Custom interactive interfaces can be developed for direct response advertising systems.

SoundTube Entertainment Inc. The 360 degree Visual*Audio(TM) speaker from SoundTube Entertainment Inc., Park City, Utah, incorporates a series of acoustic "lenses" to deflect and disperse low, mid and high frequencies in a 360 degree radius. It can be installed on ceilings, walls, floors or fixtures, and it is available in eight colors.

Ortho-Kinetics Inc. The Lark EZ Shopper 3000 rear-wheel differential drive scooter from Waukesha, Wis.-based Ortho-Kinetics Inc. is 44" long, 23" wide and 35.5" high. It has an inside turning radius of 8.5" and an outside turning radius of 38.5," and it travels at a rate of 3 mph up a maximum grade of 6 degrees. It has a reverse warning tone, horn and regenerative braking. Batteries need to be charged after 30 miles.

Innovative Technology Inc. The Protector(R) AC-panel surge suppression device from Brooksville, Fla.-based Innovative Technology Inc. protects equipment from electric surges ranging from 640 kA to 320 kA per phase. It can be used with distribution panels, individual equipment locations and AC/DC power switching.

Eurotex Concourse flatweave wall carpet from Philadelphia-based Eurotex is woven from an 80/20 blend of wool and anti-static nylon pile yarns. It is available in 18 colors.

Rohm And Haas Co. The Duraplus(TM) Roofing System from Philadelphia-based Rohm And Haas Co. consists of polyurethane foam and an acrylic coating, which is sprayed over an existing roof. It has a 10--year warranty.

Niche Products Inc. The Key I.D. from Birmingham, Ala.-based Niche Products Inc. includes vinyl identification labels for key differentiation. A plastic cover snaps shut over the label and key head for protection.

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