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Flower Carpet U.S.A. Inc. Flower Carpet Appleblossom from Gardena, Calif.-based Flower Carpet U.S.A. Inc. is an easy-care groundcover rose that stands 24 to 32 inches tall, with a spread of 3 to 4 feet. Hardy in U.S.D.A. zones 4-10, the pastel pink roses bloom from late spring until frost. A mature, healthy bush can produce up to 2,000 flowers per season.

Reader Service No. 300

CCTV Corp. The GBC CW-350 ceiling/wall camera from CCTV Corp., South Hackensack, N.J., measures 2 1/4 x 1 3/4 x 3 1/4 inches and weighs less than 2 ounces. It has more than 425 lines of resolution and a .02 sensitivity lux and comes standard with an electronic shutter and 4mm wide-angle lens. Lenses ranging from 2.5mm to 12mm also are available.

Reader Service No. 302

Stone Panels Inc. With Ultra-Lite Stone Panels from Dallas, Texas-based Stone Panels Inc., building owners can renovate facades without relocating tenants. Made of natural granites, limestones and marbles, the material is maintenance-free and has higher impact resistance than solid stone. Ultra-Lite Stone weighs 3.3 pounds per square foot.

Reader Service No. 304

Skanda Lights The KlemLite CE Series 171 from Elk Grove, Ill.-based Skanda Lights is a low-voltage spotlight for use in custom exhibits, portable displays, kiosks and other merchandise lighting. The light utilizes a 20-, 35- or 50-watt MR16 lamp, with rod arms that extend up to 18 inches and a fixture head that rotates. KlemLite is available in black, silver or white finishes.

Reader Service No. 306

Locus Communications Inc. The Work Order System from Buffalo, N.Y.-based Locus Communications automates ongoing building and property maintenance requirements with a cost-effective computer solution. The company also offers Looking Glass software, which focuses on daily sales/marketing management.

Reader Service No. 308

FRED Systems Ltd. The Digital SignPost from Waterloo, Canada-based FRED Systems Ltd. uses a gas-plasma display panel to cycle multiple electronic sign images, animations and video. Designed to sort more than 1,000 images, the Digital SignPost presents 20 to 30 ads in six- to 10-second spots, creating a two- to three-minute repeating cycle. The system stands 36 inches high.

Reader Service No. 310

The No Butts Bin Co. The No Butts Bin(R) from The No Butts Bin Co., Stoughton, Mass., has a stainless steel exterior with concealed fasteners. A grill prevents the deposit of fire hazards. It is available in a brushed or polished finish.

Reader Service No. 312

Southwall Technologies Solis, an applied window film from Palo Alto, Calif.-based Southwall Technologies, reduces undesirable solar heat without significantly reducing visible light. The transparent polyester film, which is coated with a clear, ultra-thin layer of metals, blocks 98 percent of UV radiation.

Reader Service No. 314

Reeve Store Equipment Co. Specialized wall-mount standards are offered by Pico Rivera, Calif.-based Reeve Store Equipment Co. The #38 standard, made of 16-gauge steel, is designed for flush mount in loose fixtures and back islands. The #54 standard, made of 0.74-inch-thick steel, is designed for use between slatwall sheets for heavy-duty merchandising. Both items are available in custom sizes and finishes.

Reader Service No. 316

United Coatings Roof Mate from Greenacres, Wash.-based United Coatings is a water-based, high-solids elastomer that forms a permanently flexible reflective membrane. Easy to apply and maintain, Roof Mate conforms to all VOC regulations and extends the life of new or existing roofing systems by providing long-term weatherproofing and light reflectivity.

Reader Service No. 318

Thomas Enterprises The RCC Series of fire extinguisher cabinets from Fort Myers, Fla.-based Thomas Enterprises is designed to fit into any corner. They are available in aluminum, satin-anodized or white-painted finishes and in a variety of sizes.

Reader Service No. 320

Spartan Chemical Co. Inc. Fragrance-free L.O.E. Stripper from Toledo, Ohio-based Spartan Chemical Co. Inc. removes finish and wax buildup.

Reader Service No. 322

Air Quality Engineering Inc. Smokemaster C-12 electronic air-cleaning system from Minneapolis-based Air Quality Engineering Inc. is designed to remove tobacco smoke, dust, dirt and other airborne particles. The system, which can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, employs a four-way method of air recirculation that is multidirectional.

Reader Service No. 324

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