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Pioneer New Media Technologies Inc. The 100" video wall by Long Beach, Calif.-based Pioneer New Media Technologies Inc. consists of four 50" projection cube units mounted in a metal frame cabinet 37" deep. It has a video processor and modular design that enables it to be divided into two parts for transporting. Images measure 420 ft. luminums, and screens are separated by a minimum of 4 mm. It can display data and graphics generated by most personal computers if equipped with a variable scan card.

The Gamewell Co. The Series 95 analog addressable sensors from The Gamewell Co., Ashland, Mass., consist of ionization and photoelectric smoke sensors, thermal sensors, and addressable mounting bases. Each sensor transmits its address and the analog value of its sensing chamber to a central control panel and has LED alarm indication. If a trouble or alarm signature is identified, the IdentiFlex panel reports the status and follows a programmed response sequence.

United Receptacle Inc. The Smokers' Station(TM) from Pottsville, Pa.-based United Receptacle has a stainless steel extinguishing screen, galvanized steel liner and keyed cam locks. It can be wall- or pole-mounted, is available in two colors - black textured or stainless steel - and ranges from 10" X 3" X 12.5" to 2" X 69" in size.

Forms + Surfaces The Bridge Bench from Carpinteria, Calif.-based Forms + Surfaces can be used indoors and outdoors. It measures 72" x 19" x 19" and has a stainless steel frame with powdercoated finish. Seats are available in a variety of woods and finishes. Benches are available with an anchor system for permanent mounting.

Market Group Ventures Inc. Promolux Low UV merchandising lamps from Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia-based Market Group Ventures Inc. are used for track lighting in non-food display cases. They are available in a variety of fluorescent sizes, wattages and MR16 halogens.

Insignia Systems Inc. SIGNright(TM) instant sign machine from Minneapolis-based Insignia Systems Inc. enables users to create pre-formatted signs and banners. Layouts are printed on direct-thermal cardstock and are 11" X 34" in size, with lettering up to 6" tall.

PermaGrain Products Inc. The Timeless(R) Series II engineered hardwood flooring from Newtown Square, Pa.-based PermaGrain Products Inc. is constructed from acrylic impregnated natural hardwood. It can be installed in moderate- to high-traffic areas, is available in 25 colors and five species, and has a lifetime warranty.

North American Power Products The VT-2 multifunction, diagnostic, watt-hour meter from Snellville, Ga.-based North American Power Products displays kWh, demand and time of use. The submetering device has voltage and consumption annunciators, a disk emulator, and an autoranging power supply. It is housed in a polycarbonate enclosure and can be surface-mounted.

United Air Specialists Inc. The Smokeeter Model SE 40 electrostatic air cleaner from Cincinnati-based United Air Specialists Inc. removes tobacco smoke, dust, bacteria and other airborne particles from indoor air. Contaminated air is drawn through the two-stage electrostatic precipitator and given a positive charge by an ionizer. The charged particles are deposited on collection plates, and clean air is recirculated into the room.

Indyme Electronics The Gateway Call Box from San Diego-based Indyme Electronics enables customers to signal for sales assistance. A silent signal is sent from the box to a central control unit, which decodes the signal and routes the message to a pager, walkie-talkie, wireless phone or overhead P.A. The message will continue to page until the unit is reset.

Lawrence Metal Products Inc. Used for crowd control, the TensaBarrier(R) 800 Series retractable belt system from Bay Shore, N.Y.-based Lawrence Metal Products Inc. features an Automatic Locking Tape End(TM) with a quick release button, a SlowRetract(TM) Braking System a SuperHold Sign Adapter(TM) that locks signs in place in eight adjustable positions, and a four-way connecting system. Belts are 7'6" in length. Units are available in a variety of finishes, styles and accessories.

Bomanite Corp. The Patene Artectura series of concrete flooring by Madera, Calif.-based Bomanite Corp. is individualized with custom colors, patterns, textures and finishing tecniques. It can be used either indoors or outdoors, in new construction or renovation.

Spartan Chemical Co. Inc. Fragrance-free L.O.E. Stripper from Toledo, Ohio-based Spartan Chemical Co. Inc. removes finish and wax buildup.

Pathway Lighting Products Inc. The JSLX exit sign from Old Saybrook, Conn.-based Pathway Lighting Products Inc. is constructed from 16-gauge, welded stainless steel. It has a .250" polycarbonate protective lens that covers the faceplate with a white powder epoxy finish. Manufactured with concealed universal chevron-style arrows, it can be single- or double-faced, with standard letters 6" high with 3/4" stroke width. Optional torx/pin screws and a variety of finishes are available.

CCTV Corp. The GBC CW-350 ceiling/wall camera from CCTV Corp., South Hackensack, N.J., measures 2 11/44" x 1 31/44" x 3 11/44" and weighs less than 2 oz. It has more than 425 lines of resolution and a .02 sensitivity lux and comes standard with an electronic shutter and 4 mm wide-angle lens. Lenses ranging from 2.5 mm to 12 mm also are available.

Thomas Enterprises The RCC Series of fire extinguisher cabinets from Fort Myers, Fla.-based Thomas Enterprises is designed to fit into any corner. They are available in aluminum, satin-anodized or white-painted finishes and in a variety of sizes.

The No Butts Bin Co. The No Butts Bin(R) from The No Butts Bin Co., Stoughton, Mass., has a stainless steel exterior with concealed fasteners. A grill prevents the deposit of fire hazards. It is available in a brushed or polished finish.

Editor's Note: Information for Building Products & Services comes from the companies whose products are featured. Shopping Center World does not guarantee the accuracy of product claims.

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