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The CommArts difference is the result of a broader design focus, using multidisciplinary skills and integrating these services to craft based on human emotions.

The company's focus on comprehensive issues helps shape solutions based on their political, economic and cultural influences. Addressing these deeper determinants helps avoid the ephemeral limits of taste, style and trends. When designs grow from their specific context, they emerge as more distinctive, unique and memorable experiences. They differ from their competitors. Sizable investments demand a process that is more thoughtful and yields longer-performing and sustainable returns.

Each step along this design path brings benefit by effectively communicating the vision, capturing the excitement, obtaining entitlements, gaining public acceptance, attracting financing, facilitating leasing and assisting marketing.

This broad stage quickly narrows to design specifics that respond to issues such as location, demographics, competition, Internet impacts, technology, change, climate, energy, food, transportation and the emerging power of women consumers.

CommArts' designs ultimately result in more viable and enjoyable experiences because they address human needs and aspirations. This universal design methodology has proven effective wherever quality, nuance and surprise are valued.

Essentially CommArts translates values into uniquely branded places that reflect the attributes of their culture, build communities and enhance the lives of the people they serve.


CommArts, Inc.
1112 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80302

Phone: 303.447.8202

Fax: 303.440.7096

Email: [email protected]


Year Established: 1973

Key Contact:
Janet Martin, President

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