Corporate profile: Chemical Commercial Mortgage Banking Corp.

Chemical Commercial Mortgage Banking Corp. operates as a dedicated business nationwide, offering loan programs for small and medium-sized multifamily and commercial properties. The business has been strategically positioned to engage in a broad range of activities and has the inhouse capability to originate, close, warehouse, package, distribute and service large pools of multi-family and commercial loans.

Chemical Commercial Mortgage is part of Chemical Banking Corp. which has over $178 billion in assets. For decades, Chemical, as one of the nation's largest and most experienced real estate banking institutions, has clearly demonstrated its commitment to the real estate industry. This long history of expertise in commercial real estate lending puts Chemical in an excellent position to make a major impact on the market.

Applications are sourced directly through Chemical Bank, its affiliates and by telephone through 1-800-276-0035. Origination is also conducted using select brokers and mortgage bankers throughout the country. Chemical Commercial Mortgage places a high priority on efficient service and excellent communication and is dedicated to providing a reliable and competitive source of funding.


Chemical Commercial Mortgage Banking Corp. offers $2 million to $15 million mortgage loans on:

* Multifamily

* Retail Properties

* Industrial/Warehouse Facilities

* Office Buildings

* Underlying Co-ops (New York City only)


* 5-, 7-, and 10-year balloon maturities

* 25- and 30-year amortization schedules

* 15-year self-amortizing loans

* Fixed and floating rates

Chemical Commercial Mortgage Banking Corp. 380 Madison Avenue New York, New York 10017 1-800-276-0035

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