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Corporate profile: Prentiss Property Services



There is a revolution underway in the commercial real estate industry, spurred by the evolution of investment strategies by corporate and institutional owners/investors.

In order to maximize their investment yields, owners/investors demand peak performance both from their assets and their service providers. As a result, the lines between property manager, asset manager and investment manager have become increasingly blurred.

Prentiss Property Services, a division of Prentiss Properties Limited, Inc., has long been known as one of the country's premier property management and leasing companies.

In order to meet the challenges and opportunities of the coming century, we have now broadened our range of services to incorporate what we call, "The Next Step in Real Estate Services."


The Next Step program grew out of our belief that real estate is fundamentally a local business driven by the constantly-changing supply and demand forces in each individual market.

That's why Prentiss Property recruits, hires and retains local professionals with market-specific experience.

We also provide extensive training and continuing education programs through Prentiss Properties University to ensure the company's standards, policies and procedures are standardized across the board.

The Next Step means that Prentiss Property Services:

* Anticipates tenants' and owners'needs and prepares for them in advance.

* Focuses on creative problem-solving using cutting edge technologies, proactive and dynamic personnel and superior corporate support.

* Considers each owner's unique investment objectives, yield requirements and future exit strategies.

* Provides tailored financial reporting and analysis that is clear, concise and comprehensive.

* Reviews every asset in relation to specific market conditions to facilitate maximum leasibility.

* Prepares for and evaluates potential risks, and suggests workable alternatives to minimize potential liabilities and maximize the cost efficiencies of insurance.

Leasing is the driving force behind maximizing a property's value, so we place a particularly strong emphasis on filling up buildings and keeping them filled with qualified, financially-secure tenants.

Prentiss Property Services has a wide range of commercial real estate services including:

* Property Management * Leasing * State-Of-The-Art Financial Reporting * Construction Management *Receivership Services * Capital Improvement Coordination * Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence * Financial Analysis, Lease Evaluation and Abstraction * Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations

As a major provider of commercial real estate services, Prentiss Property Services offers a unique blend of performance, operations and reporting capabilities that delivers the highest possible level of client satisfaction.

Ninety-five percent of our clients surveyed rated Prentiss Property Services "excellent" or "above average" in financial reporting and accounting.

In 1994, Prentiss Property Services recorded an 89% tenant renewal rate, achieved an average occupancy rate of 90% nationwide (compared to a U.S. weighted average of 85%), and completed more than seven million sqare feet of office and industrial space in over 500 new leases.

It's no wonder that more and more corporate and institutional owners and investors are turning to Prentiss Property Services.

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