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In our April 2002 Top Lenders ranking, we inadvertently ommitted ICap Realty Advisors, which would have ranked No. 7 on the ranking of intermediaries:

7. iCap Realty Advisors

77 West Wacker Drive, Suite 4150
Chicago, Ill 60601
Phone: 312-673-iCap (4227)
Fax: 312-553-0767
E-mail: [email protected]

  • Total retail dollars arranged: $311,612,000
  • Officers: Ross Berman, President & COO; James J. Houlihan, Chairman; Mike A. Welty, First Vice Chairman; James S. Lee, Second Senior Vice Chairman & Treasurer
  • 2001 major projects: Denver West Village, Denver, CO, $24,112,000; Desert Palms Shopping Ctr., Phoenix, AZ, $21,400,000; 5 Towns Shopping Ctr., Woodmere, NY, $21,000,000; Peninsula Marketplace, Huntington Beach, CA, $15,150,000; Oak Grove Shoppes, Altamonte Springs, FL, $10,200,000
  • Total dollars arranged for refinancing:
  • Dollars arranged by region:
    Northeast: $71,740,000
    Southeast: $22,500,000
    Midwest: $1,960,000
    Southwest: $30,725,000
    West: $184,687,000
  • 2002 lending goal: $2,500,000,000
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