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Heritage Property Investment Trust, Inc., was incorrectly identified on page 32 of the June 2002 issue. The correct company information is as follows:
Heritage Property Investment Trust, Inc.
535 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116
617.247.2200; 617.266.0885 fax

Thomas C. Prendergast, President & Chief Executive Officer; Gary Widett, Chief Operating Officer; David Gaw, Chief Financial Officer; Louis C. Zicht, Esq., Vice President & General Counsel; Barry Rodenstein, Vice President, Leasing; Bruce Anderson, Vice President, Acquisitions; Robert Prendergast, Vice President, Property Management & Construction; Cayce Montero, Director of Corporate Development; Mary Kate Herron, Vice President, Lease Management; Patrick O'Sullivan, Vice President, Accounting & Finance; Matthew Abusheery, Controller.

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