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On page 11 of the June 2002 issue Dan Hurwitz of Developers Diversified Realty was incorrectly identified as an investor in Grand Rapids, Mich.'s Terrazzo center.

On page 27 of the July 2002 issue, the headquarters of Lakeview Construction was incorrect. The contractor is based in Pleasant Prairie, Wisc.

On page 40 of the July 2002 issue, R.A.S. Builders' contact information was incorrect. The correct information is as follows: R.A.S Builders Inc., 180 E. Hampden Avenue, Englewood, CO 80110; p: 303.762.0505; f: 303.762.1404; website:; e-mail: [email protected]; top officers: Robert A. Shupe, president & CEO, Michael W. Brown, executive vice president and Lloyd Grange, senior vice president.

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