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Retail Traffic


Estimating foot traffic is at best a difficult task. Thus, we strive to publish ranges rather than absolute numbers and will do so in future reports. We have received more accurate information from Ann Natuniewicz at Mills Corporation in regards to Sawgrass Mills, which actually receives 22 million visitors per year. If other communications are received in regards to these numbers we will publish them as necessary.
The Bieri Co.

One of Orvis Co.'s store openings this year will be at the Clayton Lane project in Denver, directly across from Taubman's Cherry Creek center. It is being developed by The Nichols Partnership in association with Sears.

Heritage Property Investment Trust promoted Robert Prendergast to senior vice president and COO. Prendergast, who previously served as vice president of property management and construction for the Boston-based REIT, joined the company in 1999.

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