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Denim Phenom

Every day is casual Friday at Irvine Spectrum Center where, in April, Jeany opened its doors. Jeany, founded by Californian Sia Salek, claims to be the only store that focuses solely on jeans, denim jackets and chambray shirts, and the largest denim boutique in Southern California. Convinced that you're happy buying your next Sevens or Luckys at the usual place? You may be tempted, then, to try on My Ass, an Italian brand not sold elsewhere stateside: “I found it in Barcelona, and it's very good and very sensual,” says Neal Gaydos, Jeany's vice president and creative director. Or how about test-driving a $1,200 pair of hand-embroidered jeans by the Los Angeles company Great Wall of China? The 1,250-square-foot Jeany store is inspired by its merch, with redwood floors and indigo (think denim) and copper (think rivets) accents. And Gaydos is convinced that shoppers will take to the concept like some favorite Levi's: Within the year Jeany has plans to expand to six or more locations in the U.S. and overseas-“where the traffic is,” says Gaydos.

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