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Of Summits, Sales & Security Ordinarily, I wouldn't take this space to preview what's in this issue. Together the cover and table of contents usually get the job done quite handily. However, we have put a few features in this issue that fall under the heading of "must see."

I don't want anyone to miss the announcement of our latest conference (page 21), the results of our 1997 Holiday Sales Forecast survey (page 40--41), and the special section on security (which follows page 66).

The Florida Retail Summit. Based on the strength of the growth indicators -- 1,000 new residents every day and 43 million tourists expected in 1997 -- published in our Florida Area Review in the August issue, Shopping Center World is going back to Florida to check on how the retail is reacting.

To be held in Orlando on Tuesday, Feb. 3, 1998, The Florida Retail Summit is a one-day only, comprehensive look at the exciting Florida retail marketplace.

The Florida Retail Summit replaces our Retail Design & Construction Conference, originally scheduled for Feb. 8--10. Shopping Center World is indebted to the people who have supported our efforts in the design/construction trade show arena. The attendees and exhibitors always have made those conferences worth the year-long effort.

But, design and construction does not exist in a vacuum. Leasing, location and lending affect it and vice versa. The new conference allows us to address the whole gamut of the shopping center industry: development, leasing, financing, management, etc.

Died-in-the-wool design/construction professionals will want to be sure to attend the conference, since our 1998 SADI award winners will be announced at a special luncheon presentation. The award ceremony is open to all attendees.

1997 Holiday Sales Forecast. For the third consecutive year, Shopping Center World asks retailers to predict their comparable store sales growth for the holiday season. The news from the 144 participating retailers is good. Sales, they say, will increase 7.1 percent, and a tight but diverse inventory rather than markdowns will be used to stimulate sales.

Security From the Outside In. As the number of premises liability cases involving shopping centers grows, this special section could not be more timely. Industry security professionals and their consultants identify the high risk spots at shopping centers as well as the means -- a combination of personnel and technology -- to contain them.

There's much more in this issue than I've mentioned here ... but the table of contents already told you that, didn't it?

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