Continuum chooses 1997-1998 Editorial Advisory Board

"Diversity" means many things to many people, but to us, it translates into providing complete coverage of a multi-faceted industry.

In launching this Continuum supplement to National Real Estate Investor, our goal wasn't just to kill more trees and give you something to read late at night. One of our primary goals was to recognize the value of covering the financing, development and management over the entire spectrum, or continuum, of care for the seniors housing industry. Because no other magazine is thoroughly addressing the industry in such a manner, we also felt compelled to gather a group of advisers who were equally committed to furthering the mission of this industry.

To the left you'll see the initial 11 members who have agreed to serve on our new 15-member (total) Continuum Editorial Advisory Board. Please remember at least one thing about these folks -- none of them are figureheads or prima donnas. They represent the highest level of involvement in the burgeoning seniors housing industry. They also represent every phase of the entire continuum of seniors care.

We fully intend to put this elite bunch to work, first by having them address the key industry topics that are on the front burner of this dynamic segment, such as the ongoing debate over the projected supply/demand numbers and the unknown impact of home healthcare.

Then we'll have them get their hands really dirty and critique the job we're doing. All of which is ultimately designed to give you more than just a better read, but the best and highest-quality information we possibly can. We have found the true value in editorial advisory boards is the participation of its members, who bring to the table a unique insight into the business that is uniquely theirs.

On top of the board's work, I'll be attending the bevy of upcoming seniors conferences, providing up close and personal coverage for your viewing enjoyment.

RAY ANTHONY Managing Director Nomura Asset Capital


CHRISTOPHER COATES President & CEO American Retirement Corp.

RENEE DUBOIS Vice President PRN Mortgage Capital

MEL GAMZON President Senior Housing Inv. Advisors

MARI JO GRACE Executive Vice President Grace Management

ROBERT KRAMER Executive Director NIC

WILLIAM LASKY President & CEO Alternative Living Services

JERRY MEYER President Sun Healthcare Group

DAVID SCHLESS Executive Director ASHA


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