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Equity gives CenterBeam 100 million sq. ft. of leverage

Chicago-based Equity Office Properties Trust has selected Santa Clara, Calif.-based CenterBeam Inc. as a preferred IT infrastructure provider for Equity Office tenants. The deal gives CenterBeam access to Equity Office's nearly 100 million sq. ft. portfolio. CenterBeam provides Dell PCs, laptops and servers; HP printers; Windows 2000; Lucent wireless networking; and data center and customer service to clients for a fixed monthly fee.

"The majority of the 7,500 companies we serve are small- to mid-sized businesses," says Michael Sheinkop, senior vice president of real estate services and head of the Equity Office Access unit. "These customers, in particular, benefit from the business tools and services our vendors offer because they help level the playing field in today's competitive marketplace."

Glendale, Calif.-based PS Business Parks has selected Louisville, Ky.-based Darwin Networks to provide high-speed wireless-, wireline- and satellite-based Internet access. Darwin's 12 million sq. ft. portfolio includes more than 150 flex parks, primarily concentrated in California, Texas, Oregon, Virginia and Maryland. Darwin Networks focuses on small- and mid-sized companies' high-speed connectivity needs.

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