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Ethan Allen

Renovated Retail Store, 5,000 Square Feet or More

Judges awarded the new flagship for Ethan Allen in New York City because of how the designers transformed a drab corner in Manhattan into a new and dynamic retail facade. The judges were less impressed with the interior, which they felt was somewhat of a missed opportunity that didn't elevate the selling space the same why the facade transformed the exterior of the building. That is what kept the project from being a full award winner. TPG Achitecture achieved this dynamic facade by creating a lattice of timber branches that wraps the store and extends from the brand's logo. The design connects the brand to the architecture itself and creates a sharp facade on what was previously a lifeless retail corner.

Project Name

Ethan Allen flagship


New York City

Square Footage

32,000 square feet


TPG Architecture


Ethan Allen Global Inc.


Project Design Director

Alec Zaballero

Retail Studio Directors

Alec Zaballero

Diana Revkin

Project Manager

JuAh Kong



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