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Football Fields Jersey Gardens' 1.7 million sq. ft. of total building area could hold 38 Meadowlands football fields.

Central Park At 93 acres, Jersey Gardens could fit in Central Park nine times.

Empire State Building Builders needed 564 days to construct Jersey Gardens, while the Empire State Building required 410 days.

Manhattan Island The property's 470,000 sq. ft. of electrical conduit could wrap around Manhattan Island three times.

New York's Subway Jersey Gardens' 42 miles of pile foundation is the same length as the New York Subway's track in Queens.

Statue of Liberty The total weight of structural steel in Jersey Gardens is 11 million pounds, or 44 times the weight of the steel in the Statue of Liberty.

Rockefeller Plaza Jersey Gardens has 18,630 light fixtures, while it takes 27,000 lights to decorate Rockefeller Plaza's Christmas tree.

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