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Getting Totally Organized in a big-box way

Remaining true to its name, retailer Totally Organized uses versatile fixturing components to coordinate the whole of life's little complexities in its first "big-box" concept store.

Totally Organized's 4,500 sq. ft. prototype displays daily organization tools along an L-shaped space that flows along a circulation drive aisle.

This aisle connects two slightly askew entrances, creating both shallow and deep product merchandising opportunities.

A centralized customer service center doubles as both the checkout counter and workstation for closet and shelving system design. The shallow household department displays large color-blocked sections of storage merchandise using Jacksonville, Ill.-based Lundia shelving systems.

The fixtures, featuring a solid-wood assortment of easy-to-assemble uprights, shelves and pins, help direct traffic flow, delineate product groupings, compartmentalize departments and maximize display space, according to Sanford Stein, SteinDesign, Minneapolis.

Department and perimeter graphics are affixed to fixturing panels with Velcro to help create distinguishable departmentsand merchandising areas. Lundia's stand-alone units, made from an easily assembled solid-wood assortment of uprights, shelves and pins, a repaired with colorful hanging producticons and the company's corporate colors to add definition to the space.

The distinguishable "U" shape of the deeper departments, such as the Bath area, helps to create a separate merchandising area, which also incorporates Lundia's display system.

In order to further distinguish Totally Organized's fixturing from that of its competitors, an extensive graphics package is coordinated to help define departments and aid the customer in way-finding by grabbing their attention. Affixed with Velcro and easily removable, perimeter graphic panels also serve to hide product back-stock.

Graphic tones in the corporate colors of red, yellow and blue join together with the fixturing units to create rhythm and help define the entire space.

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