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Consumerism drives our economy and we Americans probably spend more time shopping than anyone else in the world. We all have had memorable experiences related to shopping some time in our lives — it is part of our culture. And whether we are acquiring daily necessities or once-in-a-lifetime luxuries, the choice of where to shop can be driven less by a “convenience” factor and more by a “comfort” factor.

In challenging economic times we tend to become more aware of what is truly important in our lives. A renewed focus on family, friends and simple pleasures will often diffuse some of the stress we feel. The desire for interaction with, and connection to, our community can also be important. Shopping (even window-shopping) in a local, familiar retail environment can fill that desire and sharing the experience with family and friends completes the picture.

A memorable shopping experience doesn't happen by accident. People choose to shop in our centers. Just as importantly, they choose to gather, to celebrate, to relax, to renew. We strive for authenticity in the retail environments we design. Our centers bring families together and in so doing our centers become part of the community. At HKW we not only know retail, we understand people.

Our designs are the architectural equivalent of comfort food. Come check out our complete menu.


HKW Associates
Two North 20th Street
Suite 100
Birmingham, AL 35203

Phone: 205.320.0320

Fax: 205.320.0323

Web site:

Email: [email protected]

Size of Firm: 26

Year Established: 1994

Key Contact: Fred Keith, President

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