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1 Prop pros Need a two-story grizzly to make your point? How about a solar system of food court treats? Seattle-based Dillon Works! Inc. specializes in creating big solutions to big ideas. The company designs characters and sets as well as point-of-purchase displays and signage. If you can dream it, they can create it.

2 Fun on the run Denver-based Kiddie Rides USA offers numerous attractions for children. Along with Fun Gum machines that make getting a piece of gum an adventure, the company offers rides ranging from a helicopter to a racing boat to Bozo's schoolbus to Speed Racer's hot rod.

3 Space-age tunes Willow Grove, Pa.-based TouchTunes Digital Jukebox Inc. offers digital downloading technology. The system, which is compatible with a commercially available speaker, comes with 750 preloaded songs. Operators can download three additional songs each week at no charge, but more songs are available. Downloads include artwork from the CD.

4 Beam them up Laser displays are popping up in centers all over the world. Redmond, Wash.-based Laser Fantasy International wants to handle millennium events both in the retail-entertainment field and out. The company has added a new division specifically to handle millennium projects, assisting clients with all of their unique ideas.

5 Creating a natural world In terms of mountains and rock formations, what nature didn't create, diGiacomo Inc. can. The Azusa, Calif.-based company specializes in constructing realistic rock formations by considering color, geological shifting, talus (small rock bodies that break from the main), motion, and planting crevices. The actual process combines engineering, sculpting and coloring.

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