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How to: Stevens Roofing Systems

How To Install the Stevens EP TPO Walkway Roll For dirty and/or weathered membrane, start with No. 1. For clean/fresh membrane, start with No. 3.

1. Remove any visible dirt and debris from Stevens EP membrane with a clean rag and water. For heavily contaminated surfaces, scrub with a detergent cleaner followed by a water rinse.

2. With a clean scrub saturated with EP Seam Cleaner, aggressively agitate the seaming area of the roof membrane surface. Using a clean, white rag, follow with a final swipe, being careful not to redeposit any contaminants back onto the cleansed sheet surface. Allow membrane to dry completely.

3. Position walkway pad and cut to desired length. Whenever possible, the walkway pad should not cover seams. When installing adjacent to a seam, the pad should be kept a minimum 2" from the edge of the seam on the bottom sheet of the completed lap and a minimum of 6" from the edge of the seam on the top sheet (see diagram).

4. With an automatic or hand-held heat welder, weld perimeter of walkway pad to the membrane following standard welding procedure. Periodic 1" to 2" breaks in the weld are required on the low-slope edge of the pad to prevent the accumulation of water under the pad.

The best reason to use a walkway pad system is that it "helps prolong the life of a roof by minimizing damage to roof membranes caused by rooftop traffic during inspection or maintenance procedures and service of rooftop equipment," says Tom Gallivan, national sales manager for Stevens Roofing Systems, a division of Holyoke, Mass.-based JPS Elastomerics Corp.

Stevens EP TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) Walkway Rolls are the only warrantable form of protection from roof traffic for Stevens EP Roofing Systems. Stevens will warranty the pad for the duration of the roofing system's warranty when installed in accordance with the company's installation instructions.

The roll is a 60 mil black EP membrane upon which another 60 mil of gray TPO material with an embossed tread surface has been extruded. The rolls feature 29" of treaded surface plus two 3.5" welding tabs. The pads are easily welded to 45 mil or 60 mil EP membrane.

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