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Fixture-fit at Allied Sporting Goods When Allied Sporting Goods wanted to make a change in its store fixturing, the retailer turned to a slotted panel system for ease in showcasing and switching out seasonal items on a regular basis. The result is a well-toned shopping environment with more energy and higher impact.

In order to keep up with the competition, Allied Sporting Goods had to revamp its fixturing program. Dann Dee Display Fixtures, Niles, Ill., designed and supplied the Lafayette, Ind., store with new fixturing elements that eliminated the retailer's sea of chrome fixtures. The 20,000 sq. ft. store, which opened in July 1996, wanted to keep costs down while improving its in-store presentation by incorporating a cost-effective fixture system.

The new design features metal units -- rounders and four-ways -- painted black, which give the store an upscale look. A crinkle finish is used to provide texture and durability. Allied also added Dann Dee's flexible, slotted panel system, called Quinta, which accepts standard hardware and easily accommodates shelving as well as graphics. Its flexibility enables the retailer to merchandise various product lines and seasonal items creatively. Mini-walls are created out of the floor and feature units, which are as high as 72 inches. This helps identify departments while leaving sight lines open.

Special attention also was given to focal areas in every department. For example, when customers walk through the front door, their eyes are immediately drawn to the back 70-foot curved shoe wall. Slotted panels from the Quinta series, as well as large-scale lifestyle graphics, contribute to the wall's dramatic impact.

The white vein panel provides a neutral background and accentuates the shoe presentation. "The size of the shoe section says to customers that Allied is in the athletic shoe business in a major way," says Dale Ginger, Dann Dee Display Fixtures.

Furthermore, the floor fixturing and ceiling-to-floor units also emphasize the importance of focal points. With the new fixturing layout, customers are drawn to each department. In terms of visuals, the graphic program, which relies primarily on stock sports photographs fashioned in a variety of two-tone colored images, helps reinforce the color scheme in the store's architectural design. The monotone lifestyle graphics, designed by Image By Design, a division of Dann Dee Display Fixtures, help with department identification.

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