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Kansas City Power & Light

New Mixed-Use or Multi-Use Development

Mixed-use is a burgeoning field and the industry is in need of examples of projects that get the concept right. In that vein, there is a lot to like with Cordish Co.'s Kansas City Power & Light District. The project is “sympathetic to the streetscape and location.” It “respects the downtown street grid while establishing cross-block connections,” and engages pedestrians by employing great variety from block to block. Judges liked, as well, how the project infuses new life and entertainment into the city. The one drawback on the project is that, so far, it has been too reliant on restaurants and bars. To truly be seen as a mixed-use model, other uses — retail, offices and restaurants — need to thrive as well. So it will remain a project to watch as it matures.

Project Name

The Kansas City Power & Light District


Kansas City, Mo.

Square Footage

602,950 square feet

Design Architect

Beyer Blinder Belle


The Cordish Co.



Booth Hansen

Helix Architecture

MEP Engineers

Henderson Engineers

Building System Engineers

Civil Engineer

Taliaferro & Browne

Structural Engineers

Walter P. Moore

Greaf, Anhalt, Schloemer

Norton & Schmidt


Young & Dring Landscape Architects


JE Dunn Construction

Jess Burts Enterprises

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