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Communities today increasingly demand a sense of place where comfort, convenience, entertainment and value are equally as important as the featured retailers. Our responsive design solutions draw customers, keep them there and keep them coming back.

KKE understands and meets your unique needs with a dedicated team of retail design professionals focused exclusively on you and your market. We have broad experience in all areas of retail from both a retailer and developer perspective. Along with proactive management and large firm capabilities, our experience will help to ensure that your project hits your market and is completed economically and on time. All our resources are directed toward your success.

Where mixed-use opportunities arise, we bring great depth and breadth of experience across the retail, housing, hospitality, office and entertainment market segments — experience and insight that are critical as opportunities become more complex.

With today's computer technology we quickly build three dimensional models of your retail projects. We do this as a design tool, not just for presentations. It occurs in the process rather than solely as a rendering developed after all of the major design decisions have been made. And it's interactive, so together we can view this model at any state of the project's development. We zoom in close, pull back, look down, spin around and place in context. We quickly and precisely explore the impact of planning and design decisions, but maybe more importantly, we can share the project's inspiration and development with the rest of the design and construction team.

By linking architectural and engineering computer models, our team of architects, engineers, contractors and stakeholders can mutually benefit from better communication, design integration and collaboration in the complex building forms and details that often accompany the building design process.


KKE Architects, Inc.
Pasadena, Calif., Irvine, Calif., Minneapolis, Phoenix, Tucson, Ariz., and Las Vegas


Size of Firm: 240

Year Established: 1968

Key Contacts:
Brian Arial ([email protected] or 626.796.8230
Jack Amdal (
[email protected] or 612.339.4200)
Ken Lufkin (
[email protected] or 480.214.1050)

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