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La Alameda

New Community or Power Center

By selecting La Alameda as an honorable mention winner, our SADI judges were making a statement that just because a project doesn't have a massive design budget and isn't aimed at catering to the well-heeled doesn't mean that you still can't create a memorable project. There are drawbacks, such as the retailers' insistence to use standard signage rather than catering it to the project. Yet overall the center is evidence of great care taken by the developer and architect to create a community space in an area where one in four people live below the poverty line and 16.4 percent of the population is unemployed. The design also nicely reflects the regional aesthetic and, as one judge wrote, “sets a very good precedent.”

Project Name

La Alameda Regional Shopping Center


Walnut Park, Calif.

Square Footage

241,000 square feet


Nadel Architects Inc.


Primestor Development


Landscape Architect

LRM Landscape Architecture

Civil Engineer



Ed Grush General Contractor Inc.+

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