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To the Editor,

I was distressed that David Koch, in his December Mall Walk, did not understand or convey the beauty of Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. The center was described in The New York Times on Nov. 3 as “one of the latest, and perhaps most sophisticated, of the ‘town center’ projects….”

I was equally sorry to see the following factual mistakes:

David reported that one-third of the stores did not open on opening day. Actually, only 25 percent of the 150 stores did not open. By Nov. 20, only 15 percent remained unopened. By Dec. 17, five more stores opened and an additional restaurant, Cheesecake Factory, joined the roster.

Forest City prides itself on opening on time, every time, with at least 75 percent of stores open and in most cases more. Inclement and unseasonal weather (torrential rains) in Southern California accounted for these unusual delays.

A lifestyle center is about the mix of stores, the design of the center, lush landscaping, rest areas, play areas and the lifestyle opportunities it offers, not about the anchors, as David's article implies. But, even if it were about the anchors, Victoria Gardens, with its 65,000-square-foot Cultural Center under construction, more than fills the bill.

Glenn Miller, director of marketing, has two “n's” in his name, not one.

The space surrounding the center will accommodate housing, not parking as the article states. Parking at the center consists of covered decks and street spots in addition to peripheral parking on one side of the center. Victoria Gardens will include 60,000 square feet of office space and 20 acres of residential when completed.

Leslie R. Resnik
Vice President
Liggett-Stashower Public Relations

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