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Looking ahead to the UCLA Extension Conference

UCLA's 13th annual Hotel Industry Investment Conference offers a "reflective view ... today and beyond."

Stephen Bollenbach will be there. So will Barry Sternlicht and Ethan Penner. Henry Silverman is planning an appearance as are Curtis Nelson, Richard Kelleher and Douglas Geoga.

What's attracting the head honchos of Hilton Hotels, Starwood Lodging Trust, Nomura Asset Capital, Cendant, Carlson Hospitality, Doubletree and Hyatt?

Why, the 1998 annual UCLA Extension Real Estate Center's Hotel Industry Investment Conference, of course.

A magnet attracting magnates Scheduled from Jan. 21 to Jan. 23 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, the gathering serves as a magnet, attracting the magnates of the hospitality industry. Attendees will ponder the outlook for the lodging industry, talk about whether the extended-stay segment is headed for a check out, postulate on what's next for the REIT industry, and discuss trends and opportunities in timeshare -- among other topics.

"This year's program is as strong, interesting and informative as any we've put together at UCLA -- and this is the 13th year I've done this program," says James E. Burba, senior vice president of Hotel Partners International in Orange County, Calif. "The program has more people doing more interesting, more cutting edge things, be it creative financing or mergers and acquisitions."

One of the conference offerings Burba is excited about is the "When You're Still Hot -- You're Really Hot" panel organized by the IREFAC (Industry Real Estate Finance Advisory Council) of the AH&MA. It features Silverman, Bollenbach, Penner and Sternlicht and will be moderated by Archie Bennett Jr. of Remington Hotel Corp. "It'll be interesting to seethe interaction between Steve and Barry," says Burba. "Add in Henry and Ethan and it's going to be just fascinating."

Burba is also excited about "Creating Brand Equity," a panel moderated by Ken Wilson, national director of Horwath Landauer and featuring Thomas R. Oliver of Holiday Hospitality, Ron Nykiel of the University of Houston and Bob Kuperman of TBWA Chiat/Day.

"The hotel industry does a pretty poor job of taking care of the brand names it creates," says Burba. "It's something that has never been thought about much; most hotel companies just focus on where the next dollar is coming from. The panel will take the issue of branding apart. This is important right now because more names are popping up in the hotel field all the time. It's much like 1980s when we were in a hyper-development era and companies grew by creating more brands. We have to question the values of these brands with what consumers think."

Futurist John Naisbitt will be the keynote speaker, slated to talk about hospitality and the 21st century. Actor Martin Mull -- spokesman for Red Roof Inns -- is slated to host that day's luncheon, which includes the industry leadership awards. "We're trying to set it up as a sort of Academy Awards kind of show," says Burba. "With Martin Mull, it'll be great. Astronaut, Author and Guest on the Moon Buzz Aldrin is the next day's luncheon speaker. He will be talking about "Really Unique Lodging Destinations ... In Outer Space."

Interactive technology will be used Burba says interactive technology will be used extensively during the conference, especially at the luncheon, where attendees will vote for the leadership award, the transaction of the year and the most interesting deals of 1997. We're going to be asking the audiences' opinions -- because no one ever does -- and our audience will consist of people as qualified as the people on stage," says Burba. "We'll be asking the audience what they think will occur next year as well as their plans for the future and how they intend to get there."

What will really be interesting, Burba says, are the changes that are occurring and have occurred over the last six months. "We have 40 corporate sponsors, and I estimate a good third of them have or are going to change their names by conference time," he explains. "They will have been acquired, sold or whatever. It's pretty amazing how much activity has been going on, and the conference will let us know where the industry is headed."

Wednesday, January 21: 12:00 - 8:30 Registration 6:30 - 8:30 Opening Reception

Thursday, January 22: 6:30-7:45 Registration/Continental breakfast

7:45-8:00 The Year in Review ... And What a Year it Was!!

8:00-8:15 Conference Welcome, Remarks, Program Overview

8:15-9:00 Measuring the Pulse ... The Outlook for the Lodging Industry

9:00-10:00 The 21st Century Keynote Speaker: John Naisbitt

10:00-11:00 When You're Still Hot -- You're Really Hot

11:20-12:30 Breakout Sessions & Roundtables

What's Next on the REIT Horizon? Independent Hotels ... Success Stories While Everyone Else is Consolidating The Timeshare Segment -- Trends and Opportunities Looking South of the Border ... Opportunities in the Mexican Hotel Market The Extended Stay Segment -- Headed for a "Check Out"? Selecting the Right Type of Financing Negotiating Effective Management Contracts Effective Packaging of a Hotel for Sale Working with the Equity Analysts

12:30-2:45: Luncheon Spotlights on Our Leaders Master of Ceremonies: Martin Mull 1997 Transactions of the Year Awards Luncheon Keynote: Buzz Aldrin

3:15-4:15: Breakout Sessions & Roundtables

The Public Markets and Capital for Hotels -- When Will it End? Integrating Technology for Enhanced Profitability Investment Opportunities in the "Heated Up" Canadian Hotel Market New Frontiers in Future Hotel Developments ... Underwater, in Outer Space and Beyond Fair Franchising ... Aligning the Interests of Franchisees and Franchisors Effective Packaging of a Hotel for Financing Converting Office Buildings to Hotels Effective Strategies for Buying Notes Enhancing Profitability with Teleconferencing

4:45-5:45: Breakout Sessions & Roundtables

Creating Brand Equity Financing for New Development Deals Creative New Concepts for Resort Development Human Capital Investment for the 21st Century What Does the Luxury Customer Really Want? Can You Afford it? Assembling the Development Team How to Integrate Technology for Enhanced Profitability

6:00-8:30: Reception, Deal-Making Forum and "The Big Swing"

Friday, January 23

7:00-8:30: Continental Breakfast

8:30-8:45: Opening Session ... Some Great Reasons to Show Up on Time

8:45-9:00: The Real Impact of Room Taxes

9:00-9:30: The Great Debate, Round II -- Back by Popular Demand -- Are We on The Same Road to Overbuilding?

9:35-10:55: The Industry Leaders Forum

11:30-1:00: Breakout Sessions & Roundtables

Trends in Hotel Financing From Wall Street to Main Street Hotel Acquisition Strategies ... What are the Buyers Looking for? What are They Finding? How to Convert Your Hotel to Timeshare Effective Renovation and Repositioning Strategies Selecting and Negotiating the Franchise Agreement Negotiating the Hotel Acquisition Agreement

1:00: Conference Adjournment

For more information, contact UCLA Extension at (310) 825-9971.

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