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Creating a legacy of award — winning designs, MCG Architecture has been a leader in the design industry for more than 80 years. Focusing on retail architecture in the early 1960s, MCG has created unique and dynamic spaces nationwide, with excellence in service being key to relationships with our developer and tenant clientele.

With our nationwide staff of professional architects and planners, diverse office locations and multiple-state licensing, MCG has developed a broad understanding of the complex criteria involved in the design of both established and evolving retail destinations. Rick Gaylord, chairman of MCG, states, “Our driving force has always been to provide solutions to a variety of retail experiences. We don't design things in a particular style; although we believe strongly in being responsive to retail trends, it is important to design to meet the community, tenant and customer needs for a particular region. You also have to listen to what's going on in the country to be able to do that.”

Whether it is a new project with cutting-edge architecture or a renewal and restructuring of an existing project, when completed MCG will ultimately offer retailers and customers a unique shopping experience. The Fountains at Roseville, a new 52-acre center in Roseville, Calif., is the first lifestyle center of its kind in the Sacramento region. It opened in July 2008. It is an excellent example of a the kind of design that creates a new regional mixed-use destination unparalleled in its distinctive style and mix of public amenities.

As developers and management companies search for ways to differentiate their products, whether new or renewal, in an effort to not only draw new customers but to maintain the current ones, we see developers fine-tuning existing retail centers by retenanting in a more lifestyle-oriented fashion, revitalizing with intimate plazas, fountains, seating, landscaping, adding food and entertainment and oftentimes including new tenants. Two examples of this type of renovation include Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis, Calif., and Bayfair Center, formerly Bayfair Mall in San Leandro, Calif.

Sierra Vista Mall now provides this community with a destination retail resort. Expanding an existing mall to create a unique public setting, MCG demolished a portion of the enclosed concourse to create an outdoor plaza. Encompassing a public park, retail, restaurants and a theater creates an interactive environment allowing guests to relax and enjoy this new town center. By considering the importance of family, MCG was able to create a destination that provides for a myriad of collective possibilities. The remodel of Bayfair Center was designed to competitively reposition this Bay Area center as a new retail, dining and entertainment destination. An aggressive renovation, MCG took a former enclosed mall with its “back” turned to the community and created a new regional destination with direct access and visibility to stores, plazas and entertainment uses from all public entrances.

The demand on commercial and retail design is complex and changing. Nothing is haphazard or commonplace in the design approach of these areas. Solutions must be developed that address the local community's demands. Working closely with our clients to implement their visions is MCG Architecture's goal. Our strength in design and creative site solutions brands MCG as an integral part of regional change through our successful developments. From national programs for tenants to redefining malls and centers, an MCG design is valued for makinging dreams a reality. MCG broadens the perspective on how we work, shop, dine and commune while respecting the importance of costs and marketability.


MCG Architecture
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Suite 400
Pasadena, CA 91106

Phone: 626.793.9119

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Email: [email protected]

Size of Firm: 125

Year Established: 1927

Key Contacts:
Brian Tiedge
Diane Carpenter
Rick Gaylord

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