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NASDAQ's new face

Federal Sign's monolithic LED display is giving NASDAQ a powerful promotional tool in New York's Times Square.

Times Square is a little bit brighter now, thanks to the addition of the world's largest LED (light emitting diode) video display at the NASDAQ stock market's new headquarters on the corner of Broadway and 43rd Street in New York.

Seattle-based Federal Sign designed, engineered and installed the display, which consists of an LED screen measuring 120 feet high by 90 feet wide (10,800 sq. ft.). Stock price updates and video content will be shown on the massive screen, which covers 158 degrees of the Conde Nast building's radius.

The face of the display houses 29 windows measuring seven-feet-by-five-feet that match inside tenants. The display is constructed by integrating 14 rows with 14 columns of eight-foot-by-six-foot LED panels, provided by SACO Smartvision, onto 27 steel framework sections.

The project includes a chilled water HVAC system to heat and cool the display, 2000 amps of electrical power (the average house uses 200 amps of power) and 13 catwalks behind the display to allow inside service access.

Energized just in time for Times Square's millennium celebration, the project serves as a beacon to tourists, bringing them in to learn more about NASDAQ and spend a little money in the company's retail shop.

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