Dear Sibley Fleming,

First, thank you for your work. I was particularly impressed with your coverage on New Orleans and Joe Canizaro [NREI March issue: “Rebuilding Czar”], and have enjoyed getting the magazine for many years. I was in the industry for over 30 years. I was the national broker for the Woolworth Co., and for 18 years I brokered its freestanding Kinney Shoes stores, plus a Woolco or two and a few others. I have brokered more than 800 stores nationwide (300 Kinney Shoes).

I was heartbroken over New Orleans as I had carefully placed seven stores there. More than any other area, it took much longer to study the market and find just the right location. Keep up the good work.

My last question is personal. My daughter's name is Sibley. We have never met or heard of another lady name Sibley. It is a family name with us. My grandfather was George Sibley Johns and he was the editor of the St. Louis Post Dispatch under Pulitzer and well known for his various postures. The Johns family migrated from Virginia eons ago and settled in Missouri. I obviously was curious as to whether there might be any connection. At any rate, Sibley Johns is glad to know there is another Sibley. Thanks for your patience.
Very best wishes,
F. Winston Johns

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