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A new look on the Net

Thanks to the magazine's recent redesign, the pages of Shopping Center World look cleaner and crisper than ever. And in case you haven't noticed, the aesthetic overhaul of our printed pages coincided with major changes to our website — changes that give users access to a rich trove of news and information.

Visitors to will notice the site has a new look and feel. The top and bottom of the opening page now include navigation bars with the words “IndustryClick: A Primedia Company.” On these navigation bars, the “home,” “about us,” and “contact us” buttons send visitors to IndustryClick, not SCW. So what is IndustryClick and what does it have to do with shopping centers?

B2B alliance

Formed in April 1999, IndustryClick is part of Primedia Inc., which owns the company that publishes SCW. Primedia is a targeted media giant that reaches business-to-business and consumer audiences through print, Internet, live events, video and radio. The company, which posted sales of $1.7 billion in 1999, publishes more than 220 magazines and owns and operates approximately 300 websites and other Internet properties.

IndustryClick was formed as Primedia's Internet subsidiary. Its mission is to build comprehensive, highly focused industry communities by hosting strategic alliances with key trade magazines and other industry organizations. Logging on to, users gain access to dozens of sources of news and information from a variety of industries, including construction, marketing, energy, entertainment technology, financial services, real estate, security, telecommunications, transportation, and waste and environment.

Each IndustryClick community brings together a collection of news, tools, data and resources designed to make it an indispensable source. For example, IndustryClick's real estate community links visitors to several publications, including SCW, National Real Estate Investor, Registered Representative, and Midwest Real Estate News. Each of these publications makes its print content available online and offers daily online news stories, as well as original research, hyperlinks to trade associations, contact information, downloadable media kits and editorial calendars, and other useful tools.

Valuable research

The home page for IndustryClick also offers its own set of B2B resources. One such resource, the “Market Research Store,” is an online database filled with hundreds of research reports. Contributors include internationally known consulting and research firms such as Forrester Research and Gartner. Using the Market Research Store's search engine, visitors can browse for reports in various categories, including Internet, business and finance, communications, computers and IT, consumer products, and manufacturing. Reports within each category are broken down by subject matter. In the “Internet” category, for example, the research includes reports on e-commerce, general Internet, markets and demographics, and multimedia. The site also includes JobZone, an industry-specific job database.

More to come

SCW encourages readers to check out the magazine's revamped website. Let us know how you like it. Also, look for other changes as the site evolves.

Several new developments are on the horizon. For example, Primedia recently merged with About, Inc., the leader in targeted marketing on the web and (according to Media Metrix) the No. 1 news and information site on the Internet. The result is the world's largest integrated niche media company, with content in print, video and the Internet. Whether online or in print, SCW's editorial mission is to take advantage of these opportunities to deliver relevant and useful content to you in the best way we can.

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