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Minuteman International Inc. The 2700 Battery Burnisher from Addison, Ill.-based Minuteman International Inc. is equipped with the company's Passive Air Management System, which captures finish compound and dust while burnishing, reducing the need for dust mopping. The 2700 features a 20" burnishing pad width, with brush speeds up to 2,700 rpms and a 2.5 hp pad drive motor.

Reader Service No. 400

Conectiv Energy The EnerWise Manager from Newark, Del.-based Conectiv Energy allows commercial and industrial users to monitor, analyze and manage energy via the Internet or Ethernet. The information system monitors electricity and gas usage in real time and provides analysis of this information, which can help users drive down energy costs and improve energy procurement and utilization. The system is a collaboration with Hewlett-Packard Co.

Reader Service No. 402

R O M Corp. The LinksGuard security chain doors from Belton, Mo.-based ROM Corp. offers effective security, traffic control, ventilation and visibility. Custom-engineered to fit any opening, the chain closures store conveniently, are maintenance free and are easily operated by one person.

Reader Service No. 404

Vision Quest Inc. The SpeKtrum Exit Sign Covert Camera from Springfield, Mo.-based Vision Quest Inc. is a CCD Camera built into a functioning exit sign, with light from the sign allowing the camera a clear view into an unlit room. The camera comes in both black and white, featuring a 5mm pinhole lens, and in color, featuring a 3.7mm pinhole lens.

Reader Service No. 406

Radiant Products Co. The nesting tables from St. Louis-based Radiant Products Co. are made with 2"-square, powder-coated tubing and an HPL Ash top with metal trim. Sizes are 32"x42"x18" (large), 27"x24"x15" (medium) and 22"x24"x15" (small).

Reader Service No. 408

Gerbert Ltd. The design and inlay of graphics and logos into DLW Resilient Linoleum/Vinyl Collection and Dodge-Regupol Environmental Rubber Flooring from Lancaster, Pa.-based Gerbert Ltd. enable retailers to take advantage of floor space by increasing brand-name awareness and corporate identity.

Reader Service No. 410

Chicago Metallic Corp. The Planostile all-metal ceiling system is offered by Interfinish, a brand of Chicago-based Chicago Metallic Corp. Planostile ceiling tiles and planks are manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized steel and are available in a variety of designs.

Reader Service No. 412

Safe-Hit Corp. The Safe-Hit Parking Control System from Safe-Hit Corp. is a water-filled system for traffic control applications. The system's interlocking module design allows use for varied lengths and easy positioning. When not in use, the stackable modules, made of polyethylene plastic, are conveniently stored.

Reader Service No. 414

Gemmar Systems International Retail-1 Merchant software from Montreal-based Gemmar Systems International offers retailers a merchandising and inventory management system designed for the Microsoft WindowsNT platform. The software offers hardgoods and softgoods support, including style, color, size and dimension for apparel and footwear retailers; user-defined seasons; supplier and purchase-order management capabilities; and inventory control.

Reader Service No. 416

Glow Lighting Inc. The crystal and decorative lighting fixtures of Markham, Ontario-based Glow Lighting are hand crafted. The fixtures are available in flush mount, wall and ceiling styles. Chandeliers are available in a wide range of shapes, styles, sizes and price points.

Reader Service No. 418

Wausau Tile Inc. The Plaza Bench from Wausau, Wis.-based Wausau Tile Inc.'s metal-form line offers strength and durability inside and out in a number of standard designs and colors.

Reader Service No. 420

Mercer Products Co. Slate Surface Floor Tile from Orlando, Fla.-based Mercer Products Co. is designed to withstand wear in high-traffic areas, reduce noise and minimize subfloor imperfections. The 3.5mm-gauge tile is available in 18" squares and comes in six colors.

Reader Service No. 422

Signs of All Kinds Custom-carved signs from Rockville, Conn.-based Signs of All Kinds are available in a wide range of colors and styles and a broad range of materials, including redwood, cedar, mahogany and "sign foam."

Reader Service No. 424

Phoenix Products Co. Inc. The MG Series landscape light fixture from Milwaukee-based Phoenix Products Co. Inc. is made of corrosion-resistant, copper-free aluminum. The internal optic system, controlled by two exterior set screws, allows for 30-degree vertical and 360-degree horizontal aiming. Once the lamp is aligned, the system locks into place, eliminating the need for re-aiming, even after re-lamping. The luminaire accepts single-ended medium base ED-17 HID lamps to 175 watts, PAR 38 metal halide to 150 watts, incandescent PAR 38 to 250 watts, double-ended metal halide to 150 watts and double-ended quartz to 300 watts.

Reader Service No. 426

Handy Store Fixtures The Gondola Checkout from Newark, N.J.-based Handy Store Fixtures is designed to increase the amount of point-of-sale merchandise in front of customers while maintaining a functional checkout area. The modular counter is sold standard in 37" or 43" heights, 6' or 8' lengths and 24" or 30" depths. A wide range of accessories are available for the merchandising area.

Reader Service No. 428

Advance Transformer Co. The Hot Restrike Ignitor from Rosemont, Ill.-based Advance Transformer Co. enhances the performance of high-pressure sodium ballasts by relighting lamps in two seconds or less after a power dip. If the lamp extinguishes because of a high lamp voltage characteristic of the end of lamp life, the ignitor prevents lamp cycling by remaining disabled and not restriking the lamp.

Reader Service No. 430

Pathway Lighting Products Inc. The JSLX exit sign from Old Saybrook, Conn.-based Pathway Lighting Products Inc. is constructed from 16-gauge, welded stainless steel. It has a .250" polycarbonate protective lens that covers the faceplate. Manufactured with concealed universal chevron-style arrows, it can be single- or double-faced, with standard letters 6" high with 3/4" stroke width. Optional torx/pin screws and a variety of finishes are available.

Reader Service No. 432

Ness The Visoneer visual display projector from Hackensack, N.J.-based Ness can be strategically positioned with a moving visual element aimed at a wall, floor or ceiling. The images can be used to generate awareness and to build or direct traffic to a desirable product or location. The projector accommodates five gobos or five 35mm slides or a combination of each.

Reader Service No. 434

Durkan Patterned Carpet Inc. Ellipse carpet from Dalton, Ga.-based Durkan Patterned Carpet Inc.'s Commercial Division is a precision-tufted loop design based on a series of negative/positive circle motifs. Six tone-on-tone color combinations are available in this, Durkan's first collection exploring the curve.

Reader Service No. 436

Outwater Plastics Industries Inc. The cabinet and counter moldings collection of Wood-Ridge, N.J.-based Outwater Plastics has expanded to include a new line of half-round hardwood rope moulding, stocked in maple, oak and poplar in 8" lengths. Additional wood species and sizes are available.

Reader Service No. 438

Thomas Lighting The Capri One modular downlighting systems from Los Angeles-based Thomas Lighting offers a wide choise of lamp sources and wattages. The product is based on a single mounting frame that accepts 70 different incandescent, fluorescent or HID electrical systems. Capri One is available in more than 50 trim styles.

Reader Service No. 440

Detex Corp. The F90KR keyed removable mullion from New Braunfels, Texas-based Detex Corp. is designed for use on standard and fire-rated pairs of doors. The mullion is made of 11-gauge, 2"x3" steel, is UL and Warnock Hersey listed for three-hour fire rated pairs of doors up to 8' x 8' and can be operated by a standard rim cylinder. The mullion is easily removed, and replaced, to move large items through doors.

Reader Service No. 442

Vistawall Architectural Products The MS 360 Alumiline sliding security partition from Terrell, Texas-based Vistawall Architectural Products is a multiple-track slider with conventional interlocking panels that can be made as bi-parting or one-directional units. A heavy-duty commercial lock is provided.

Reader Service No. 444

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