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Wabash Valley Manufacturing Inc. The tree grate/bench combo from Silver Lake, Ind.-based Wabash Valley Manufacturing Inc. adds 16" seating around a tree. With a dual grate system, one grate sits atop a set of surface-mount legs, which rests on the first, larger tree grate. The combination is available in two styles. Two different sizes of tree grates and sets of surface-mount legs are available. Tree guards and framing are optional.

Reader Service No. 301

Clopay Building Products Co. Cincinnati-based Clopay Building Products Co.'s FIRESET 1 fire door motor operator is designed for 22-gauge fire doors up to 275 sq. ft. in size. It is designed for mechanical drop-testing at the turn of a switch.

Reader Service No. 303

Safe-Strap Co. Color-Guard Cart Corrals from Old Tappan, N.J.-based Safe-Strap Co. are constructed with schedule 40 steel pipe and sheathed in a high-density polyethylene thermoplastic that provides a color-fast, unscratchable surface that will never chip or rust. The thermoplastic has UV protectant and anti-static additives, allowing the corrals to stand up to extreme weather conditions. The modular corrals are available in a variety of solid- or multi-color schemes and six standard sizes. Custom sizes are also available.

Reader Service No. 305

Spatial Insights Inc. Vienna, Va.-based Spatial Insights Inc.'s GDT Dynamap Extraction and Append application for MapInfo allows users to extract and append user-defined areas directly from the Dynamap CD ROM data. With the application, users are able to select and append data covering multiple states and/or counties in a single operation.

Reader Service No. 307

Scott Sign Systems Inc. The lightweight E-Z Twist Fixture Sign from Tallevast, Fla.-based Scott Sign Systems Inc. can adapt to fit the size of the fixture. The sign's brackets twist on for easy installation. Custom logos and custom-shaped panels are also available.

Reader Service No. 309

Dow Corning Midland, Mich.-based Dow Corning's 3-5000 Silicone/Polyurethane Foam Roofing System consists of two layers of one-component, moisture-cured silicone rubber coating over sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam. The silicone rubber coating resists sunlight, heat, cold and many chemicals to form a waterproof, seamless seal. Since the system is sprayed on, the existing roof slope can be improved to create better drainage.

Reader Service No. 311

Sure-Lock Floor Systems New hardwood flooring from Kirkville, N.Y.-based Sure-Lock Floor Systems comes in 102" x 24" sections with staggered ends to match the look of individually laid boards. A tambour backer acts as a vapor barrier and forces the boards within each section to remain straight and resist gapping. The sections are available in a variety of wood species and colors, as well as "granite wood," which offers the granite look at a low cost.

Reader Service No. 313

United Receptacle Inc. The Crowne Collection from Pottsville, Pa.-based United Receptacle Inc.'s Indoor Designer Line features 13 color combinations. The receptacles are created from satin brass and satin aluminum finishes and Uni-Koat textured powder-coated finishes in black, gray and brown. The galvanized steel and aluminum receptacles are available with galvanized steel or Germ-Fighter rigid plastic 30-gallon liners. They are designed with either open or flip tops.

Reader Service No. 315

Electric Time Medfield, Mass.-based Electric Time builds custom clocks of any size for any location. The 70-year-old company also offers parts and service for clocks built in the 1920s. Indoor and outdoor styles range from silhouette and tower clocks to post, street and wall clocks.

Reader Service No. 317

Haws Corp. The new vandal-resistant, outdoor pedestal drinking fountains from Berkeley, Calif.-based Haws Corp. are available with powder coat finishes in a variety of colors over a galvanized substrate. The 3380G is made of 18-gauge steel and includes a barrier-free pedestal and a stainless steel swirl bowl. Other models, made of varying steel gauges, offer hi-lo fountains, steel guards on the bubblers and waste strainers. All fountains comply with ADA regulations.

Reader Service No. 319

Panasonic Video Imaging Systems Co. The technology of the WV-CF254 Fixed Dome Camera from Secaucus, N.J.-based Panasonic Video Imaging Systems Co. was designed to eliminate the problems caused by contrasting lighting conditions within a scene. This camera is the latest in the company's Super Dynamic line, which features products with a double-speed, 1/3" CCD image sensor and third generation Digital Signal Processing circuitry. The combination of these technologies produces a range 32 times greater than that achieved by conventional cameras.

Reader Service No. 321

Stonco The Dusk to Dawn Series from Union, N.J.-based Stonco offers versatile outdoor light fixtures equipped with NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) twist-lock automatic dusk-to-dawn photo control. The high-pressure sodium (HPS) or mercury vapor (MV) lamps are included in the unit and are available from 70-watt HPS to 175-watt MV. The lights have aluminum housing and feature flush or arm mounting.

Reader Service No. 323

Talk-A-Phone Co. Several new emergency phone towers have been added to Chicago-based Talk-A-Phone Co.'s emergency phone system product line. The new towers include the ETP-MT/R "radius" tower with 2" radius architectural corners, which can incorporate a dome with a pan-and-tilt CCTV system or still camera. The tower has a lexan enclosure around the blue light/strobe and weighs more than 400 pounds. Towers, made of 1/4" steel, are available in more than 20 colors. The systems can be used in conjunction with the ETP-CI cellular interface package, allowing the towers to be placed anywhere.

Reader Service No. 325

Honeywell Inc. Minneapolis-based Honeywell Inc.'s F111 ceiling-mounted air cleaners use a three-stage filtering system. Stage one includes a prefilter that collects lint and large dust particles. In stage two, the main filter captures up to 95 percent of 0.3 micron particulates that pass through it. In the third stage, CPZ Sorbent modules collect gases and odors. The cleaners are self-contained and require no outside venting. Each cleaner provides approximately 1,050 cubic feet per minute air flow.

Reader Service No. 327

Wausau Tile The new table from Wausau, Wis.-based Wausau Tile is made of steel-reinforced concrete table. The attached seats are covered with a mosaic surface. The table is available in standard gray, red, green or blue.

Reader Service No. 329

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