Outlining our ambitious agenda for 2001

At 43 years old, NREI continues to add new wrinkles in order to stay young and avoid atrophy. This year, the true new millennium, is no different. From trade shows to expanded coverage to the Internet, we are determined to retain our competitive edge. As commander and chief of the editorial ranks, I'd like to share with you some of our tactical maneuvers for 2001.

- Beginning this month, we have expanded our editorial presence in New York City and the Northeast region with the hiring of a new associate editor, Cristina Gair, a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

Cristina previously worked for Beyond Computing, a monthly business technology magazine for executives. She will be stationed in our Manhattan office and will cover the Wall Street beat. In addition, she will be a general assignment reporter for the Northeast. You can reach Cristina at (212) 613-9733, or e-mail her at [email protected]

Hiring Cristina is significant for NREI because it enables the magazine to generate stories from the trenches of the Big Apple. While we've always placed a high importance on the financial markets and the five food groups (office, industrial, retail, hotel and multifamily) throughout the Northeast, Cristina's presence will give our coverage an added perspective.

- This spring, NREI will launch a new page in the print edition. We refer to it simply as "Voices," a combination of letters to the editor, person-on-the-street interviews, interesting quotes and commentary. I've long felt that we need to include a page in our magazine that serves as a sounding board for our readers. Well, this year I'm determined to turn that idea into a reality.

The reason we are in business is to create a dialogue with our readers. We think "Voices" is a renewed commitment to that underlying mission. Our job is to inform, persuade and entertain. I love to receive letters, good or bad, because the feedback makes us feel that we're making a difference. I look forward to your slings and arrows.

- The editorial staff, in cooperation with the Real Estate Management Technology Conference (REMTEC), will spearhead NREI's first-ever real estate conference in 2001. "The 2001 Growth in Real Estate & Technology Conference" will be held April 23 and 24 at the Hilton Chicago & Towers in the Windy City.

Top-level executives from throughout the country are expected to be in attendance to hear the latest trends in real estate and technology. Look for more details in our print edition in the coming months and on our Web site, www.nreionline.com.

- Speaking of our Web site, look for a new and improved look in the coming months. We have been working closely with our sister company, IndustryClick, to overhaul our Web site in a number of ways by providing more timely information and news you can use. We want our readers to value both our print edition and Web site as indispensable products. That's easy to say but challenging to execute.

I'm convinced that the best media Web sites offer relevant content that goes beyond a rehash of press releases mixed with hype. This year we will take aggressive steps to ensure that our Web site is fresh and lively, not day-old bread.

No, this lengthy introspection is not a sign of a mid-life crisis, but rather evidence of our commitment to avoid complacency, the death knell of any publication.

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