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Paiva Runs For The Finish Line

If you like Lucille Roberts or Curves, then you may want to purchase your lycra shorts at Paiva (pronounced pie-va). The new specialty chain, which opened its first two stores in April at Barton Square Creek in Austin, Texas and Natick Mall in Massachusetts, caters to fashionably fit women ages 25 to 40. Its creator and owner, athletic shoe retailer The Finish Line Inc., stocks Paiva's 4,000 square feet with workout gear, and the clothing women wear to and from the gym, that represents a wide range of price points, such as Nike, Puma, Adidas by Stella McCartney and Lacoste.

The company plans to open 15 Paivas this year according to a seasonal pattern (spring, back-to-school, pre-holiday) and it estimates that the U.S. can support 200 locations. By the way, the name Paiva refers to a sun deity. In other words, guys, this is so not for you.

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