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Urban in-fill and renovation are generating great interest in this ever-changing and challenging retail landscape.

Current economic conditions are forcing developers and consultants to look inward, demanding that we rethink the way we design and build so that we find ways to reuse sites and revitalize destinations. Urban in-fill developments and renovations are more viable long-term solutions to urban growth and can provide profitable alternatives in the current environment.

By emphasizing links to local neighborhoods, transportation alternatives, complementary land uses and natural amenities, urban in-fill retail projects offer promising opportunities. Projects such as Metro Center in San Diego, Calif., by Merlone Geier Partners, have demonstrated to the community that major retailers can enhance and invigorate urban environments. This vertically oriented downtown development consists of one square block of multilevel, multi-tenant space with below-ground parking. Designed by Studio One Eleven at Perkowitz+Ruth Architects, Metro Center aims to be a sustainable and innovative asset to the community by providing a walkable and inviting exterior, making good use of public open space, conserving resources and providing multi-modal transportation options.

By blending innovation and problem-solving skills, aging developments can be reinvigorated in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. Such is the case for the renovation of Brea Marketplace, where Regency Centers and Perkowitz+Ruth Architects are teaming up with tenants to find alternatives that preserve resources, yet meet the demands of the growing population. A 160,000-square-foot Target located on the site will be a unique podium-style structure. The store will feature parking areas on the first level and retail on the second. It will serve as the centerpiece to the overall redevelopment, which will add 60,350 square-feet of new space to the existing center.

The professionals of Perkowitz+Rurth Architects and Studio One Eleven work to keep pace with the changing landscape. With nearly 30 years experience in retail architecture, the teams understand the intricacies of unique project types and are skilled in uncovering opportunities that create meaningful spaces.

The firm provides national and international clients with high-quality design and construction administration services. It features focused studios with expertise in single-tenant retail, town centers, mixed-use environments, entertainment, office developments, urban design and hospitality destinations. Studio One Eleven is a distinct division of the company dedicated to creating vibrant communities through an integrated practice of architecture and urbanism.


Perkowitz+Ruth Architects
111 West Ocean Blvd.
21st Floor
Long Beach, CA 90802

Phone: 562.628.8000

Fax: 562.628.8005


Size of Firm: 300

Year Established: 1979

Key Contacts:
Sy Perkowitz, President and CEO, Stephanie Orasin
[email protected])
Corporate Business Development Specialist

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