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Pet-friendly hotels

Travelers who can't bear the thought of leaving Fido or Mr. Bigglesworth behind when they travel need not fret. On average, about 35% of hotels allow pets in guestrooms, according to data compiled by RealTime Hotel Reports. However, travelers should keep in mind that some hotel types are more pet-friendly than others. According to RealTime, motels located near highways are most likely to allow pets, while resort hotels are more likely to ask guests to leave pets at home.

The percentage of hotels that allow pets by category include: Motel, 42%; Extended Stay, 39%; Convention Hotel, 39%; All-Suite, 33%; Bed & Breakfast, 22%; and Villa/Condo, 15%.

Atlanta-based Microtel Inn & Suites recently celebrated the opening of its 200th property, a three-story 96-room hotel located on Highway 501 in Myrtle Beach, S.C. More than 250 group travel planners, local business representatives, travel agents and suppliers attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the hotel, which is Microtel's 10th property in South Carolina.

When U.S. Franchise Systems (USFS) acquired the brand in 1995, there were 22 Microtel hotels. In addition to the Microtel hotels open in 39 U.S. states, USFS is developing international properties in Argentina, Honduras and the Philippines. Master franchise agreements also have been signed to develop Microtels in 10 other states, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and South Africa.

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