CapitalThinking CapitalThinking is dedicated to the proposition that the combination of the Internet and market-trained, real estate professionals can substantially increase the speed and efficiency of securing commercial mortgage financing.

For Lenders, CapitalThinking proposes to deliver quality preliminary underwriting, backed up by sophisticated database matching to ensure that deals meet lender appetites. Virtually all supporting documentation will be electronically distributed in any preferred lender format. CapitalThinking's systems can link directly into a lender's back office. An automated tracking system helps streamline document processing, and a unique borrower communication system ensures rapid responses on requests for additional documentation.

For Brokers, CapitalThinking offers easy access to a large network of capital sources - conduits, money center banks, insurance companies, regional banks and non-traditional lenders. By working with CapitalThinking, brokers can increase their deal flow and expedite their closing times by effectively automating their back offices and harness the power of the Internet for their clients, with payoffs both for their own productivity and client satisfaction.

For Borrowers, CapitalThinking offers increased process control, wider funding choices, faster closing times and reduced paperwork, along with real-time access to tailored loan rates and unprecedented information flow. For those borrowers seeking direct funding, CapitalThinking offers attractive pricing and rapid loan sourcing through the most technologically advanced and structurally robust site in the industry.

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