Buyers Access The ultimate "online purchasing partner," Buyers Access is not only the nation's largest and most experienced buying network for the multifamily industry - we're the apartment industry's No. 1 resource! Thanks to the combined purchasing clout of nearly 750,000 member units, we have secured preferred pricing, terms, and delivery on more than 200,000 products and dozens of services - everything from appliances and maintenance supplies to floor coverings and pest control services, from major suppliers nationwide.

Gone are the days when apartment owners and managers had to drive across town sourcing products and services. Buyers Access has harnessed the power of the Internet for this unique group of professionals and, with the click of a mouse, puts the best products, services and service providers at their fingertips - with the best terms and the best prices. Buyers Access has redefined the purchasing process and developed state-of-the-art tools to help property managers track usage and savings, monitor industry trends, and get knowledgeable answers to property-management-related questions.

Simply put, Buyers Access is an end-to-end resource that can help you enhance your property's profitability, operational efficiency and competitive edge!

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