profile, a leading online commercial mortgage loan provider based in Bethesda, Md., is rapidly becoming the industry's destination of choice for closing commercial and multifamily loans over the Internet. Since November, has received more than $3 billion in loan requests at a rate of about $15 million per day. To date, Redbricks' pipeline has more than $270 million in loans that are being finalized for closure.

Closing the deal is Redbricks' primary objective, and the site facilitates every step in the loan transaction in order to meet that goal in a highly secure environment. Using Redbricks' state-of-the-art comparison shopping tool, borrowers can quickly compare the terms and rates for dozens of loans from 25 of the nation's leading lenders without the hassle of needless, time-consuming paperwork. Redbricks' advanced technology provides 24-hour access to instant preliminary loan quotes, reliable firm quotes from national lenders within 48 hours, mortgage financing, service providers and personalized industry news. Redbricks' unique tracking system keeps borrowers and lenders up to date throughout the entire transaction. As an added benefit, obtaining a loan through Redbricks involves no borrower or broker fees. For users requiring additional support, Redbricks provides a dedicated customer support manager at no cost.

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