J.D. Edwards J.D. Edwards' Idea to Action software can help you successfully compete in an industry that constantly changes. Our integrated ActivEra Solutions give you the event-driven, componentized infrastructure, dynamic business processes and inter-enterprise collaboration you need to rapidly put your ideas into action.

Because J.D. Edwards' solutions are fully integrated, you realize dramatic time savings for your business. With J.D. Edwards, you can eliminate the rekeying of redundant data into systems that can't communicate with each other. For example, if you enter a project invoice into the J.D. Edwards Accounts Payable application, that transaction is simultaneously and automatically entered in the Job Cost application and the general ledger. So you save time and money.

J.D. Edwards Web-enabled software allows companies to take advantage of the Internet through creating business process efficiencies. Reducing risks and costs. Allowing people to have real time access to information.

JDE is a leader in the real estate industry. Top industry names in all segments have chosen JDE as their strategic s/w vendor. JDE offers to our clients robust functionality that allows them to manage billions of square feet around the world.

When you select J.D. Edwards, you can rest assured that you've selected a stable, successful company that will be there to meet your needs in the coming years. With the support of thousands of employees worldwide, continuous software research and development, and a client list that includes the real estate industry's top companies, you know that J.D. Edwards has what it takes to help you optimize your business operations.

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