Newstar Solutions, Inc. Newstar Solutions, Inc., is North America's fastest growing and most successful developer of enterprise-wide, information management solutions for home builders, commercial and residential real estate property managers, owners and developers. Our functionally rich products and related services are structured to provide real solutions for real needs.

Our management software is recognized as the industry leader because of its capacity to manage multiple products in unison. Over the years, Newstar has consistently provided its valued clients with solutions to the diversified needs associated with home building, property management and development.

Our technology is unparalleled in its ability to access and manage information quickly and easily. At Newstar, we do not force our clients to adapt their business to our system; we adapt our system to the changing requirements and processes of their businesses.

Newstar views its clients as valued partners in an extremely exciting but long-term enterprise. In the dynamic world of commercial and residential real estate, our agenda is simple: We seek to provide technological leadership by teaming up with industry leaders and delivering to their standards, time after time.

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