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Dear Readers, If you invest in, own, manage, sell or develop multifamily properties, today or tomorrow, you need more than fluff pieces or self-serving aggrandizements. You just want, and need, the facts.

And you just found them in National Real Estate Investor's newest quarterly supplement called Multifamily Monitor. Here we bring you all of the news you need about the apartment industry to succeed. The trends to watch for tomorrow, as well as the names behind who's doing the deals today. Plus the nuts and bolts of management and operations issues that count.

You'll notice that the packaging is a bit different from the traditional issue of NREI, and that's to draw your attention to what we feel is a more useful way of publishing important information -- making it more specific and targeted to cover niches of the industry that interest you and impact your business the most.

Think about how much time you have to sit down and read industry news. Less than ever, right? A few minutes here or there. That's one of the major reasons we decided to create Multifamily Monitor -- to mirror your reading patterns and to better present the people who make the apartment industry tick and why, plus what they are thinking about tomorrow.

We also bring you a product roundup in every issue (this one spotlights laundry facilities) that dissects major operational issues of apartment properties right down to the bottom line.

So please read through this first issue of Multifamily Monitor. Then drop us a line with your thoughts so we can continue to give you all the news and facts you need, and nothing but.

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