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Readers* debate the payoff from the Sears/Kmart deal.

“Kmart's downward spiral will bring Sears right down with them.”

“This is a great opportunity to add more Sears Grands to compete with Target and Wal-Mart.”

“This is a pure real estate play and both companies will be out of the business after the holding company divests itself of the best real estate.”

“This is more about retail than real estate. They aren't going to be closing any stores and they are going to keep the same brand names.”

“It may be an opportunity for mall owners to recapture space from Sears for more-productive tenants.”

“The government should block all super mergers. This is one step closer to having the Wal-Mart name on every store, bank, grocery, dry cleaner and car dealer.”

“Whoever approved Kmart's bankruptcy should be indicted. How can you be broke and then just happen to find over a billion dollars in real estate?”

*Comments from an online poll conducted Nov. 16. See bottom of page 11 for more details.

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