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Retail Traffic readers sound off on the Kelo v. New Haven ruling.

“It's wrong, wrong, wrong. Any developer that has to rely on the government to make a development work is a poor excuse for a developer.”

”This is horrible for property owners in general, as you may be forced to sell your investment property for less than it is worth.”

“They should have to pay double the market price for any and all property obtained by this means; the second half should come from the city.”

“We better consider the principle of government powers to take private property as a dangerous threat to our founding principles — before our own profit.”

“This is a gross abuse of power and represents what is worst in our country and our government. The common man has no say in his own fate anymore.”

“I think that this ruling is a disgusting. The justices that voted for it need to read the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution.”

“This Supreme Court ruling is the most reprehensible in my lifetime, and is pure communism.”

”The Western region of the country will make the most use of this.”

“Although I am a developer, I highly disagree with the decision. I strongly support an individual's private property rights.”

“Government should not be in the business of development of real estate, but to protect and define our country.”

“In theory, it will give government the right to pick and choose which developments it wants and which ones it wants to kill.”

“It is a violation of the constitutional rights of individuals who cannot effectively fight the government, and may lead to big-money interests winning over individual rights.”

“It is terrible to know that someone with a ‘development idea’ can take another's home away. Many public developments are not any good, anyway.”

“This will give local governments the ability to increase their tax base using new development rather than raising funds through increased taxes.”

“Big corporations will trample on the little people.”

“This ruling will bring out the big guns of property owners' rights, and several states will tighten their laws to combat the Court's ruling.”

“Too much power has now been placed into the hands of local government.”

“The projects should not have any incentives attached or taxpayer monies!”

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